My cats shed and so do I

Update: My blog is now called Pet Scribbles – as that’s always been what I’m known by. In the meantime, you can read about my idea of why I originally called the blog The Shed!

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Hi there. Welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere!

My name is Laura, and although my handmade business is called Pet Scribbles, I want to call this blog – my blog (I like the way that sounds already, although I’m a bit freaked out about starting this up!) – ummm… where was I?Oh yes, I want to call this blog “The Shed” because for some reason I find myself identifying with the various definitions of this word.
Whether shed is used as a noun, as in garden shed or tool shed (I love to garden, and no doubt I’ll be blogging about various tools I use not only in my handmade creations but also tools in my small business…)
Hot Papaya Coneflower in our backyard, Summer 2011
Or shed is used as a verb such as when one sheds tears, inhibitions, negative thoughts, negative people…
Siskiyou Pink Gaura in our backyard, Summer 2011
…or sheds fur, as in my cats shed a ton of fur (I dote on my cats, almost crazy cat lady status)…

Aliza Loo Doolittle, age 17 or 18-ish years young
…or someone sheds light on something, makes things clearer…

Lulu, CFO (Chief Feline Officer) of Pet Scribbles, age 12
Well, you get the idea. I like playing around with this word, at least I’ve been playing around with it in my head (a scary place to be sometimes!). So I think having “The Shed” as the overall title of this blog will tie everything together, (she says, as she fully realizes that although she has written several posts mentally already, this post is the very first post published on her very first blog.)As time goes on, I’ll be chatting about my love of gardening, my obsession with gardening books, my cats, crafting, vintage finds, and of course about my handmade business (Pet Scribbles!) too. I hope you’ll join me on this journey.Welcome to The Shed, I’m so glad you’re here!
(And I’m glad that I’m here now too!)



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    YAY! Love your first post. And I love SHED. How about shedding some bad habits? That’s what I’m trying to do, anyway. Welcome to the blogosphere!

    Hugs, cheers, and a big furball from FarFlungCards
    (I mean that in the very nicest way!)

    • says

      Hi Ingrid! Thank you so much! Having the piece I wrote about my beloved Matisse shared with your blog readers is still one of my highlights. Hugs to you, Allegra and Ruby! 🙂

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    What a great first post!! I liked hearing about all of your interests, but I must admit the pics of the babies were my favorites! I too am proudly teetering on the brink of “crazy cat lady” status!

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    How lovely to know more about you Laura. Should I mention that I’ve found blogging to be a little like sour dough starter in that a blog screams “FEED ME!” on a regular basis? Or shall I just keep that wee bit of my experience one of my ‘dark little secrets’?
    I am looking forward to checking in regularly for a little ‘Cat’chup!
    Hugs Galore!

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    Welcome to the world of blogging! Love the SHED theme you have around here. I’d say my parents would be a fan of yours. They LOVE gardening and took pictures of all the flowers over the summer.

    Looking forward to knowing you more 🙂

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    Lovely blog Laura. I enjoyed your photos and love that you still have the special “whole” made card you made for your mom.
    Thanks for shedding (pun intended) lol a little light on who you are and what you’ll be sharing here on Shed.

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    Thank you, Lou! I plan on scanning and sharing my “whole” made card soon on here. If nothing else, it will show how much my skills have improved. (LOL) Pun intended is a pun received!

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    Actually Laura, I think your wee self was on to something with the “Whole Made” idea…think about it, with a whole lot of effort, your whole heart made it with a whole lot of love. <3