Portulaca, Rose Moss, Moss Rose

Portulaca - Rose Moss - Moss Rose - whichever name you use, this plant is 99% carefree!

One of my most popular posts so far here on my blog is Portulaca: This plant thrives on neglect!

I wrote it last Summer, and showed you both types of Portulaca – single flowers and double flowers. You can get complete planting and care information for Portulaca by simply clicking on the link above.

Portulaca: This plant thrives on neglect!

Last year we planted the single-flower version (seen in the image above), and had a few of the double-flower kind pop up from seeds dropped the previous year.

It was nice to have bright patches of solid color, however, I missed the crazy colors you can get all on the same plant with some of the double-flower varieties.

So this year, I planted double-flower Portulaca on this same garden strip:

Double-flower portulaca blooming it's heart out with no fertilizer and little water!

Now we have a few single-flower varieties of Portulaca popping up from last year’s dropped seeds!

Seedlings will pop up from the previous year's dropped seeds, but not invasively.

Here’s a close-up image of one of the single-flower plants that sprouted up. Although Portulaca is an annual in most parts of this country, I look forward each year to the extra bonus when these surprise seedlings show up in my garden beds the following year!

Single-flower Portulaca in sunny lemon yellow!

You might still be able to find Portulaca at your local garden centers, depending on what part of the country you’re in. So if you want something that is 99.9% carefree? Plant some Portulaca now! It’s also called Rose Moss or Moss Rose.

Portulaca fits nicely into your Summer gardens without taking up much room!
In the back, left to right: Yucca leaves, wild Pansies, Lithodora
In the front: double-bloom Portulaca varieties and Lantana Landmark Sunrise Rose

Remember my post on Lithodora? Look how bushy it has become, above!

Here’s some close-ups of the gorgeous double bloom varieties of Portulaca . . .

Double flower Portulaca in pale yellow with inner pink petals! So pretty!
Double-flower Portulaca in a pale pink shade!
Double-flower Portulaca in a coral-peach color! Stunning!
Double-flower Portulaca - these mixed colors are all on the same plant!
This pretty fuchsia color is bright yet not obnoxiously so!
Portulaca is also known as Rose Moss or Moss Rose. They need very little care to thrive!
Aren’t they pretty?
I planted Lantana Landmark Sunrise Rose in a few places just to help fill in any planting gaps between the Portulaca plants. The colors of the Lantana and Portulaca match perfectly!
Lantana Landmark Sunrise Rose with double-flower Portulaca

Here’s a side-by-side comparison from last year and this year:

Single-flower Portulaca (on the left) and Double-flower Portulaca (right)

Which is your favorite?

Do you like the bold colors of the single-flower Portulaca?  Or do you like the multi-color blooms on the double-flower varieties?

And don’t forget – you can learn all about Portulaca in my blog post here: Portulaca: This plant thrives on neglect!




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    I love this flower. It does well in the dry beds around our house and it looks so colorful. As an added bonus the deer don’t seem to like it and it remains untouched (a big plus in this area). Your flower beds look lovely.

  2. says

    Wow Laura this is an awesome post! I didn’t know about Portulaca. I am great at neglecting plants so I better get some portulaca asap! Pinned!