Valentine Fabric Scrap Heart Wreath

Valentine Fabric Scrap Heart Wreath

I’m so happy to have my blogging friend Anne from White Lace Cottage guest post here on Pet Scribbles today. I’ve always admired Anne’s vintage and shabby style that comes through in her crafts and DIYs for her lovely home. Her blog is filled with lots of pretty and creative inspiration, and I hope you enjoy her post! ~Laura

Hi let me introduce myself,  I’m Anne from White Lace Cottage. I write a home decorating and DIY blog. Before I share a fun little Valentine craft, I  would like to thank Laura for inviting me today!


A few years ago on a cold Winter day, while my daughter and I were practically stuck in our home, we decided to make a craft.

We searched our home for supplies we already had on hand and came up with this very simple-to-make Valentine Fabric Scrap Heart Wreath.

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Supplies needed for this project

22 gauge galvanized steel wire

Cut-up strips of fabric

That’s it!


First shape your wire into a heart shape.

The metal wire is pretty bendable. Just work with it until you get your simple heart wreath shape.

Mine is 10 x 11 inches.

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Next, get your fabric and cut a small 1/2 inch slit (on the fabric), then rip it.

This will make the ends tattered and will give it a feathered, vintage look.

Simple to make Valentine Wreath (5 of 26)

Then start tying your half inch wide strips along your wreath.

These strips should be approx 5 – 6 inches long.

Don’t measure just eyeball it and see what length you like.

This project is not about perfection, just have fun!

Simple to make Valentine Wreath (6 of 26)

As you can see the strips are not all the same length, and that’s the way it should look.

Just keep working around the heart shaped wire frame, until your frame is filled up with your fabric strips.

And that’s it!


Here I have the wreath hanging on my favorite vintage chippy door. I love how tattered and shabby this looks.

Simple to make Valentine Wreath (9 of 26)

This simple fabric scrap heart wreath is pretty hung from my mirror too!

Simple to make Valentine Wreath (22 of 26)

Other Fabric Options

Besides using fabric you can also use this same method but you can use curly yarn that’s used for rag dolls. That yarn will give it a whole different look.

I’ve also used muslin, which is really pretty too!

And if you want a traditional red Valentine wreath by all means use red fabric.

A great place to find fabric cheap is the thrift store. The fabric that I used for this project was a bed skirt. Thrift shops always have pretty fabrics: look at sheets, napkins and other bed linens. These fabrics can be cut up and used in lots of crafts.

So when you’re looking for fabric, think outside the box.

Fabric Scrap Heart Wreath

For more simple crafts, and decorating ideas with vintage style visit

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  1. Katie Clark says

    This is too cute! I’ve been thinking I want to make a Valentine’s wreath. This one seems simple enough!

    • Laura says

      Isn’t Anne’s wreath pretty? I’m thinking the hardest step would be making the heart shape with wire. If I can master that, I’m definitely going to make one of these! Thanks Katie!

  2. Treva Monteith says

    As my printer is broken, would it be possible to mail a copy to me. Thank you. I very much enjoy this site and have used many of your ideas, as has my daughter.

    • Laura says

      So glad you love Anne’s project Treva! I do too! I’m sending you an email to the address you listed below. 🙂

  3. Pat C. says

    Oh, what a beautiful wreath, Anne! Thank you for the wonderful tutorial.: ) xoxo

    P.S. I love your mirror! *swoons*

    • Laura says

      I agree with you Pat – beautiful wreath and that mirror is gorgeous….so is Anne’s entire blog! 🙂

    • Laura says

      How wonderful Kerryanne! I just KNEW it was the perfect Shabbilicious style for you! 🙂 Can’t wait to tell Anne!