Summer Garden Blooms!

Summer garden blooms up close: a photo essay of pretty, easy-care flowers! (

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know that I’m in absolute gardening bliss every Summer!

Our gardens are blooming with all sorts of color right now, and I thought you’d like to see a sampling of our Summer flowers up close!

Jade Coneflowers: These coneflowers have dark green centers and the petals almost look white with hints of green!

Summer garden blooms up close: Jade Coneflowers! (

Purple Coneflower: This is the coneflower that started it all, also known as Echinacea, which is believed to strengthen the immune system when taken as a tea or as a supplement.

Summer garden blooms up close: Purple Coneflower! (

Our vegetable garden is also in bloom, and the bees have been busy pollinating the blossoms!

Summer garden blooms up close: Vegetables and Marigolds!  (
Marigolds: I will never tire of this flower! And it helps the veggies too. (Read why here!)
Summer garden blooms up close: Marigolds!  (

Pumpkin blossoms: these giant blooms are so pretty when they first emerge from the green vines!

Summer garden blooms up close: Pumpkin blossoms!  (

Sage: We have a sage plant that turned into a flowering shrub a few years ago! The purple color is so vibrant against the sage leaves.

Summer garden blooms up close: Sage in bloom!  (

Strawflowers: These multi-color strawflowers feature different colors on the same plant! Hardly needs any water! (Read my post about Strawflowers here!)

Summer garden blooms up close: Strawflowers!  (

White Strawflower starting to open:

Summer garden blooms up close: White Strawflower!  (

Geum (Avens): Another favorite perennial, this orange variety is called Totally Tangerine. (Read about this prolific bloomer in my post here!)

Summer garden blooms up close: Totally Tangerine Geum!  (

Verbena bonariensis: This perennial version of Verbena is very tall with strong stalks and non-stop Summer color! (Read why I think this is a must-have perennial here!)

Summer garden blooms up close: Verbena bonariensis!  (

Calibrachoa: Like petite petunias, these colorful flowers come in many varieties and color combinations. These colors (below) are all on the same plant in this hanging basket!

Summer garden blooms up close: Calibrachoa!  (

Purple Liatris and Yellow Coreopsis: A striking color combination together, but each one still has impact when planted separately too! Very easy care!

Summer garden blooms up close: Purple Liatris and Yellow Coreopsis!  (

What are your favorite Summer garden blooms?

I’ll be sharing more of our Summer flowers soon!

Happy gardening!




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    Laura, your flowers are gorgeous and I enjoyed looking at them. I am unfamiliar with the coneflower with the green center, but I really like it. I am on the lookout for different types of perennials because I’m doing a little work in one of our flower beds, and I’m increasing the number of perennials in it.

    • says

      Thank you Jane! The Jade Coneflower is only one of several green-colored coneflowers. I’m amazed at how many varieties and colors exist these days! You’ll love how easy they are to care for, and they come back nicely (and thicker) each year too! 🙂