My new favorite beauty magazine – and I’m NOT being paid to say this!

Discover Beauty Within: my new favorite beauty magazine and I'm NOT being paid to say this!

I found a new beauty magazine this weekend that is now – after just one reading – my new favorite:

Discover Beauty Within, a brand new magazine published by the savvy folks behind Walgreens and

And no – I’m NOT getting paid to tell you about this magazine. Yes, I’ve done sponsored posts for Walgreens in the past, and probably will again because I seriously DO love them, but this mag just knocked my slipper socks off over how much information was packed within its pages.

I stumbled upon it by accident when shopping most recently at Walgreens. It was probably sitting there on their beauty aisle counter for quite some time, as this is their Spring issue, but I just noticed it.

Just look at how many pages I turned down! That means there’s at least one thing on that page I either want to remember, want to look up on the interwebs, or want to buy immediately!

Lots of turned down pages...

And then there’s the pages that are turned down twice! Seriously, this is cra-cra-crazy good stuff!

And a few pages that got turned down twice!

What was on the page above? This short blurb about a new eyeliner from Rimmel London. With warmer weather coming, I want to switch up my eyeliner not only to something waterproof but to some fun colors as well. Definitely buying at least one of these! Maybe two…

Want to try this new waterproof eyeliner from Rimmel London!

Most of the pages have small blurbs just like the Rimmel eyeliner one above. When there are articles or interviews, they are short and sweet, perfect for today’s shorter attention spans! (How many times I stop reading a magazine because I’ll want to read an article but don’t have time at that moment? Too many.)

So what else is on my must-have list of new products?

These unique combs from Goody, for my man-made naturally curly hair!

Want to try this unique detangler brush from Goody!
And these new lip balm stains from Wet n Wild have my name written all over them!
A lip stain + lip balm with a minty flavor? Yes please!
I wear lip stains because they give me subtle color, and lip balms because they condition my lips. Combing the two? With a minty flavor? Yes please!
I counted 28 pages of ads within the 92 pages of this mgazine. That’s approximately 30%. These ads are for products you can find at Walgreens, as well as their Duane Reade stores and online at
Here’s an ad for Toni&Guy sea salt texturing spray. Yes, this is on my list too.
Wonder if this Toni&Guy sea salt texturing spray will be my new favorite salt spray?

I’ve been trying different salt sprays over the years, since my original favorite was discontinued many years ago. I still haven’t found the one, but maybe this will be it. I’m excited that Walgreens now carries Toni&Guy hair products!

You guys!!! Can you tell how excited I am? I’m a closet beauty and skin care and hair products junkie. A total junkie! I try and tell my husband it’s my way of “crafting” outside of my craft studio.

And no, he doesn’t buy it. He teases me that somewhere there exists one giant humongous vat of cream, and every single company that exists just fills up their bottles and jars and tubes with the same stuff. Obviously, we all know that he’s wrong!

Here’s a shot of Discover Beauty Within’s contents page, so you can see what this first issue covers:

Discover Beauty Within: my new favorite beauty magazine and I'm NOT being paid to say this!

This magazine is only $1.99, and has several handy coupons in the back which basically translates to you getting this magazine for free… if you take advantage of them, of course.

Ok, I’ll stop talking now. I need to get back to crafting.

Go find this magazine!

Happy shopping!




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      Me too Carol: there’s times I’ve spent money and it was totally worth the price, and other times that I would have been wiser to spend less for a better product! 🙂