My office is messy and so is my mind…

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mini pallet art project, beginning stage of painting . . .

Ever get a zillion – or even just a million – ideas bouncing around in your head so fast that you’re honestly unsure if you can capture them all, yet you want to make a sincere attempt to try? That’s where I am right now.

The end of July is steaming (pun intended) ahead, and there’s so much I need to get done.

On the fun end of things, I’m working on some craft projects such as a fun mini pallet art project that was inspired by this tutorial from Kari at UCreate.

On the business end (pun intended?) of things, I’m working on ideas for Halloween through Christmas and beyond, while simultaneously beginning to take a serious look at this blog now that it is 6 months old. Of course when I walk into my office these days, I can’t help but notice that the floor space is beginning to disappear yet again which means two things…

1. I’m getting messy and a bit scattered, and need to get myself organized.

2. I’ve become the little kid who doesn’t put away her toys properly after playing.

Although messy is my word of the year for 2012, this – and by this I mean this (with a giant sweep of my arm around my office) is not what I meant.

So this week is going to start off with me putting my toys away first.

Then I’m going to tackle my blog. So if you stop by during the week and get an error message – I’m planning ahead here on just how tech savvy I’ll be at this – I apologize in advance. 

I plan on widening the blog, adding in some extra space for larger pictures within my posts as well as more sidebar room. And I know me way to well: once I start tweaking something, I can’t easily stop. I might start out tweaking the size of a sidebar, but next thing you know I’m changing what color the links should be. Somehow you understand, right?

Oh, and did I mention that I’m now questioning my entire branding? And cringing that I’m using a word (branding) I thought was happily left back in my past life of working 9-to-five-whenever? Uh-huh. 
But I have no choice because once something starts seeping into my head, it spawns all kinds of off-shoots of sub-thoughts. 

And this is how I arrived at feeling like a zillion ideas are going in my head right now.


PS – The rabbit is back! He might actually be a she. And he – or she – built a cute little nest in one of our front garden beds, hidden by some marigolds and our mugo pine shrub. I think I’m happy about this. I think my husband is not. To be continued . . .



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    I think it’s something about the midsummer lull when we get a break between holidays. That little break is enough for my mind to start generating completely new stuff in all areas! Good luck.

    • says

      Yes Kelly, my head is spinning like a top at times! Hah! Well, so far I’ve widened the size of the blog posts for larger photos. Cross one step out of many off my list! 🙂

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    Laura, give yourself five minutes at the end of the day to organize your desk. Make it a habit to keep your office from getting messy. Anyways, good luck on your fun mini pallet art project. I like your color choice! Green’s one of my favorite colors. 😛