6 Etsy Treasury Promotion Tips

Example of an Etsy Treasury, curated by Hazel of MyGemstoneDesigns
This treasury features members of the LACWE Team.
Click here to see the treasury full size on Etsy.
Whether you are the curator of an Etsy Treasury or one of your lovely items is included in an Etsy Treasury, there are several actions you can take to help get that treasury noticed. Yes, the number of Etsy treasuries far exceeds the number that make it onto Etsy’s front page. And for some Etsy teams that feature one type of product in their treasuries, for example the Etsy Greetings Team curating a treasury of handmade greeting cards, well – Etsy doesn’t ever seem to put a treasury of all one product on their front page. But that doesn’t matter too much, because there are many ways for a treasury to be seen by potential shoppers without any front page status.
Many buyers look at the Etsy Treasury section [on Etsy, of course] for shopping ideas. Yes, shoppers can use the search box, but some also like to browse the first few pages of the Treasury, naturally getting sidetracked along the way as they see something awesome that catches their eye. Etsy admininstrators are always checking out the treasuries for their own ideas of what to include in their email newsletters. If you subscribe to at least some of Etsy’s newsletters, you have seen first-hand that they often feature different themes. The clickable link [in those newsletters] will take you to the Etsy Treasury page, showing all treasuries that fit the particular theme. I’ve seen Etsy do this for Mother’s Day and for the color yellow, just to give two very different examples of a theme.
Hearts, Views, and Clicks – located on the right of every treasury
“Hotness” in the Etsy treasuries = popular treasuries receiving lots of views and clicks and hearts. And the clicks mean how many times someone clicked through to one of the items featured. Think about what the viewer stats could be if each featured seller in the treasury would . . .
1)  Post and share it on their Facebook pages; or hit the “like” Facebook button right on the treasury page. Your followers will see this in their own Facebook news feeds, might be interested to click the link and check it out.
2)  Tweet about it on Twitter. Again – garner more interest for the treasury, more views. Your followers see your tweet, they click through. Maybe they liked it so much, they re-tweet it to all of their followers. You get the idea, right?
3)  Post it on your blog, if you have one, to show off your item included among many great choices. This is a great idea especially if you have lots of subscribers to your blog. I plan on adding a “tab” here on my blog that readers can click to see thumbnails of the treasuries my Pet Scribbles items are a part of. (That was not a great sentence, but you get the idea, right?)
And these last three steps are things you can do right on the treasury page:
4)  Leave a comment about the treasury, and of course thank the treasury curator for including your item.
5)  Click on EVERY item featured. Every item. Even if you aren’t that interested, although I personally think it is always fun to look more closely at what our fellow Etsyians are creating.
6)  Click on the “heart” to favorite the treasury. This (the treasury) is then seen by members of your Etsy Circle. Again: more viewers.
If everyone in your treasuries – that’s 16 Etsy sellers – does the above steps, the amount of views and clicks has the potential to be quite large. That moves the treasury up in the Treasury rankings. You not only help the particular treasury be seen by more sets of shoppers’ eyes, but you also help get your own item in front of these eyes too. And who knows? Some of those eyes could be other Etsyians who then want to feature a similar item of yours in their own treasury. And the cycle renews!
One last suggestion for Etsy Treasury curators:
As the curator of a treasury, I think you should still send a quick “convo” (via Etsy’s Conversations section) letting each seller know they are in your treasury, and asking them to stop by, leave a comment, click around, and – if they would like – help promote it too. Doing so helps to insure that each seller actually “sees” the treasury. (Even though sellers are notified automatically through their Etsy Circle feed that they’re in a new treasury, there are still times that a seller doesn’t see this. It has happened to me quite a few times actually – and I check my Circle feed almost daily.)
I hope these tips help. I’ve seen way too many treasuries that are truly gorgeous, filled with beautiful vintage finds, awesome supplies and unique handmade items, with hardly any comments, clicks, views, and no hearts whatsoever. That is just sad. Artists and sellers who are fortunate to have their item included in an Etsy Treasury should, at the very least, say thanks and offer a comment.So if you’re a curator: make sure to “convo” the shops you feature.

And if you’re featured: make sure you say thanks and help promote the treasury.

I’m off my soapbox now!
This blog post has been modified and expanded from my original post that appeared on the HollyCraftOriginals blog in October 2011.


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    You answered my questions exactly, I was needing a simple definition of “hotness” and I also needed to know how to “promote” someone who has included me on their treasury list. I’ll be looking into TreasuryPromo.com. Thank you so very much! I will pass it on.