Do You Ear What I Ear? My Etsy Handmade Earrings Addiction: Spring!

Spring Colorblock Earrings, Reclaimed Wood | $28 | Totem Color Blocks

I love earrings. Especially handmade earrings. Always have.

Silver Earrings in Chartreuse “loops in frames” | approx. $235.50 | Mabotte
Bohemian Chick Olivine Earrings | $32 | LunaEssence

And being a seller (and shopper!) on Etsy, I see lots of earrings.

Raindrop Earrings, Hand Blown Glass | $50 | Kiva Ford

I favorite them, and I heart them, and I covet them.

Vintage Style Wedding Earrings, 3 Pairs | $15 | GemsTheWord

And since I can’t purchase every pair that I love, I will share these earrings with you, dear readers. And I hope to do this on a regular basis too, perhaps monthly.

Pansies & Butterflies, Decoupaged Earrings | $24 | ericosmicgirl

If you purchase any of these earrings, you will be giving them a good home, and that will make me very happy!

Handpainted Sunflower Earrings | $29.90 | Jewelry and Miniatures

And a bit jealous.

Real Flower Daisy Resin Earrings | $35 | Spotted Dog Asheville

But overall I promise to be happy for you!

Scrumptuous Citrus Earrings | $25 | Meredithbead
Vintage Glass Button Earrings, Blueberry Lemonade | $21 | Timeless Trinkets

Want to see more of my favorites?

You can follow me on Pinterest, and see my Handmade Earrings on Etsy board here.

Gemstone Earrings, Blue Topaz, Black Spinel, Quartz | $62 | OBTPjewelry

And you can see more of my Etsy Favorites by clicking here. You can add me to your Etsy Circle so that you can see all of my “future” favorites too.

Long Maple Seed Earrings | $26.50 | Seed and Sky

Do you have a handmade or vintage “almost addiction” like I do with earrings? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. says

    Dear Laura
    Thank you for including Luna Essence here among these talented creators .
    A delightful mix of earrings . Love the blog ♥

    Diana Saputo

  2. says

    Laura, I couldn’t wait to get home to view your blog! These are all great earrings!! I love the real flower resin earrings!


    • says

      Thanks MCatherine! I appreciate your observation very much, as that’s what I was thinking about when choosing: some of us like long dangly earrings, some like tiny posts, some like sparkly, some like more muted colors… πŸ™‚