Painted Fairy Garden Rocks

Disclosure: I’m an artist with DecoArt, and they provided me with the paints discussed in this blog post. All opinions and this project are totally my own!

Want to make something fun for your fairy garden? How about painted fairy garden rocks? Paint them with outdoor paint and add some moss. Such a fun project, as you can match the rocks to the colors in the fairy garden! Let me show you how easy it is . . .

Painted Fairy Garden Rocks

I’ve been working on some painted fairy garden houses for DecoArt and decided to paint some rocks to match.

I grabbed rocks from our backyard garden bed.

Mr. Gnome seems to approve, but I think he’s going to love them painted even more!

rocks for fairy garden

Painting rocks is a fun – and quick – project. And let me tell you – I found it to be very relaxing! I may just paint rocks the rest of the Summer. Can you imagine? LOL

I used DecoArt Patio Paint, which is an outdoor paint – perfect for anything that will be spending time outside, as this paint is weather and water-resistant. You can use it on rocks, cement, terra cotta, wood, etc.

DecoArt Patio Paint on rocks

Handy Tip: Place a sheet of wax paper underneath the rocks before you paint them. Paint doesn’t stick to wax paper, so you can paint your rocks more quickly this way.

Paint one side of all rocks, then flip over to paint the other side of each. Go back and fill in the edges and then let dry.

I used Desert Turquoise and Grey Skies for my painted fairy garden rocks.

DecoArt Patio Paint on garden rocks

The Rich Espresso color is a pretty metallic, and I like to use it for a distressed or aged look.

Here’s how:

I watered down the Rich Espresso paint and lightly brushed it onto a rock. I immediately wiped the Espresso paint off with a damp paper towel, then set aside to dry. I repeated this process for each stone.

DecoArt Patio Paint in metallic Rich Espresso

In the image above, you can see how the metallic paint leaves behind a nice sheen, and settles into the cracks and crevices of the rock. I love how it looks!

Moss on a roll!

I bought a roll of moss at the craft store. Yes, moss comes in rolls now – very cool idea!

Handy Tip: Keep the moss in a plastic bag while you work with it, otherwise you will have bits of the stuff everywhere. Trust me.

moss from the craft store

I snipped off a small section of the moss, then attached it with Aleene’s Clear Gel adhesive. Press down to make sure it adheres, then set it aside to dry.

attach moss to painted rocks

Here’s what the painted fairy garden rocks look like in the pretty blue-grey color called Grey Skies . . .

DecoArt Patio Paint in Grey Skies on rocks

And here are some painted fairy garden rocks in the vibrant Desert Turquoise shade . . .

DecoArt Patio Paint in Desert Turquoise on rocks

While I was distressing the rocks, I decided to distress some miniature garden tools for my fairy garden. I brushed on a tiny bit of the Rich Espresso paint, then wiped it off with a damp paper towel and let dry.

I think the garden tools look better this way, versus the shiny “Made in China” way they looked before.

distressed fairy garden tools

I attached two of the tiny garden tools to one of my painted rocks with glue. I figured it’s a good spot to keep them until Mr. Gnome needs them again! (He’s magic, so he can unstick those tools any time he wants!)

DIY Painted Fairy Garden Rocks

I think Mr. Gnome definitely likes these rocks better now that they’re painted.

I do too!

Painted Fairy Garden Rocks

Happy crafting!




    • Laura says

      Thanks Kelly – I’m blushing! Yes, the moss on a roll is crazy handy! I just hope nobody thinks they could unravel it and make a moss garland with it! LOL

  1. says

    I love your painted rocks – so perfect for your fairy garden which I am dying to make one myself. I have to agree with you painting of any sort is very relaxing for me. Cathy