Rustic Chicken Wire Heart

This rustic chicken wire heart is super-easy to make, because the chicken wire heart is already made! And it’s not expensive to purchase either! Talk about a fantastic craft supply!

Chicken Wire and Wood Heart from Darice Crafts, ready to paint or embellish!

Have you seen the chicken wire trend? Maybe it isn’t a trend, but lots of frames and home decor items seem to be popping up with chicken wire as part of the decoration. It’s a rustic, farmhouse look that I really like!

There are many DIYs on Pinterest, but I’ve got something even easier: just purchase a ready-made item and customize it yourself!

I found one by Darice Crafts for under $7:

Darice Chicken Wire Heart

The heart comes in a distressed white painted finish, so you could leave it just as it is. (I can imagine these for a wedding, with ribbon or flowers wound through part of it!)

I decided to paint mine and then embellish it with some of my ribbons and vintage lace seam binding.

I used two of DecoArt’s newest craft paint colors in a pretty yellow and a warm grey:

DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint

The paint technique I used to get a weathered-wood finish consists of these two paint colors and a wet washcloth.

A wet washcloth?

Yes, and it’s very easy to do!


You can see more pictures and details in my post over at Deja Vue Designs!

Click here: Rusty Gray and Yellow Chicken Wire Heart

Gotta love easy-peasy DIY ideas!

Happy crafting!