Chalky Paint Easter Eggs

Chalky Paint Easter Eggs

Here’s a quick way to decorate paper maché eggs: use Chalky Finish paint and ready-made floral garland!

Chalky Paint Easter Eggs!

You can find paper maché eggs online and at the craft store. They’ll usually have some bumps and notches on the surface, which I love as it adds a bit of a homespun, vintage look to them.

paper mache eggs

I painted the eggs with two coats of Americana Decor Chalky Finish paint in a pale yellow color called Delicate. Because this paint dries super fast – especially on paper maché – this step went quickly.

pale yellow chalky paint eggs

I like to dry the eggs on wax paper, as they won’t stick to it. Plus it’s easy to just roll the eggs around on the wax paper to paint them too!

In my last DIY, I used this gorgeous, ready-made burlap and jute floral garland from Darice Crafts to decorate a mason jar. (Click here to see the mason jar!)

floral jute garland from

I thought the flowers would look so pretty on each egg, so I cut them off the garland spool and used Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue to attach them to the eggs.

burlap flowers on Easter eggs

After the flowers were secure, I wrapped the jute ends around each egg and tied a knot in the back.

Chalky Painted Easter Eggs

I love how they turned out!

Chalky Paint Easter Eggs

The Easter plates are adorable, aren’t they?

I found them at World Market when I was visiting my friend Laura Kelly, who is an ambassador for their stores.

(And after my first visit to World Market, I can see why Laura loves them so much: they have an amazing selection of products both large and small. They’re opening a store just North of me, and I can’t wait!)

Here’s a sign from World Market explaining their Easter designs much better than I can:

Nestler Sign from World Market

I love how the eggs look with these plates!

Chalk Paint Easter Eggs

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Happy crafting!




  1. Pat C. says

    Papier-mache eggs?? Who knew?!? They look so much easier to paint than styrofoam ones, plus half the time, loose, unwrapped papier-mache products in a craft store look as if little (and not-so-little) bites have been taken out of them!

    I’m enamored with the yellow shade of chalky finish paint that you chose–it’s so soft and delicate–and the burlap flowers are the perfect embellishment for the eggs. Oh, and as a huge fan of vintage holiday (and many everyday) items, I am In Love with your plates!!! What a sweet find!

    Thank you, Laura, for another wonderful tutorial! xoxo

  2. Laura says

    You’re welcome Pat! Aren’t those plates great? I only wish that Easter was a bit later this year so I could have enjoyed them longer! 🙂 Ah well…there’s next year! Yes, that yellow chalk paint is such a pretty soft shade, and painting on paper mache is much easier than styrofoam, which I’ve also done. LOL