Shovel Love: being petite in the garden has its advantages!

Read all about my miniature shovel love – and why this is such an essential gardening tool, especially for women!

Love my petite garden shovelIf you had told me in my 20s — or even my 30s — that I’d be in love with a petite garden shovel, I would have laughed my head off in disbelief!


But now it’s true: I’m in love with a shovel!

My Bond mini garden shovel!

(And no, this isn’t being sponsored by Bond. I’m just honestly in love with this shovel.)

Why my petite garden shovel is such an essential gardening tool.

I love to garden, but what I don’t love is lugging around heavy garden tools.

Who does?

Shortly after we moved into our home — with a real yard and gardens for the very first time — my husband came home from the hardware store with a surprise for me.

A miniature garden shovel!

This shovel is lightweight — which is fantastic — yet it’s really tough.

You can see the wear and tear on mine.

Why my petite garden shovel is such an essential gardening tool.

If you do any serious gardening, such as digging holes to plant shrubs, or digging up and transplanting larger plants, you need to use a shovel.

And this tiny little gem makes quick work of any shoveling or digging I need to do.

(Anything that isn’t too heavy, of course. Afterall, my husband has a shovel too!)

Here’s my shovel next to my husband’s — I swear his shovel is almost as tall as me!

Why my petite garden shovel is such an essential gardening tool.

The right tools do make a difference, and when you aren’t weighed down — literally — by heavy garden tools, you’ll get a lot more gardening accomplished.

And the couple that shovels together, stays together!

OK, I just made that up.

You can find these miniature shovels at most hardware stores or online for under $15.

In fact, I recently saw the newer models in a local garden store. The handles are done in florals and fun patterns now. I’d love one of those, but my original shovel is still working fine.

Bond mini garden shovel

I’ve had this small shovel for approximately 8 years now.

This surprise gift from my husband has been one of my favorite gifts he’s ever given to me.

So there you have it: I’m in love with my shovel, which still ranks below my husband and cats, so no worries there!

Do you have a favorite gardening tool?



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