DIY Jewelry: Leather Burned Cuff Bracelet

Leather Burned Cuff Bracelet Tutorial

This project is sponsored by Walnut Hollow, where I’m part of their Blogger Influencer Program. This tutorial and all opinions, ideas, and musings are most definitely my own!

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Leather Burned Cuff Bracelet Tutorial

I have a really fun — and actually not-too-difficult — tutorial for you today which includes wood burning on leather, also called leather burning.

Don’t be scared! (And yes, I admit that I was before I ever tried it, so trust me on this!)

Leather burning is much less scary and difficult than you might imagine, and my bracelet tutorial is a great DIY to get your feet wet with leather burning!

It all starts with the Creative Versa-Tool from Walnut Hollow:

Creative Versa-Tool Kit from Walnut Hollow

And some Hot Stamps from Walnut Hollow:

Hot Stamps from Walnut Hollow

You will also need a blank leather bracelet or cuff. You can find these in the jewelry aisle of your favorite craft store.

leather bracelet blank

You can see my step-by-step tutorial, along with lots of helpful photos, over at the Walnut Hollow blog!

Click here:  Leather Burned Cuff Bracelet

leather burned cuff

And to see some introductory videos about wood burning, you can subscribe to the Walnut Hollow channel on YouTube. I’ve included two direct links for you below:

Intro to the Creative Versa-Tool (almost 3 minutes in length)

Wood Burning for Beginners using the Creative Versa-Tool (13.5 minutes in length)

leather burned cuff bracelet

Stay tuned for more wood burning and leather burning crafts coming here soon!

Happy crafting!




  1. barb macaskill says

    LOVE this bracelet!! I have all the goodies needed to make it and am going to give it the old college try next time I am in my craft room!! Thanks for the inspiration!