Fairy Garden Home Curtains Tutorial

Here’s an easy way to make your own Fairy Garden Home Curtains –  no sewing required!

Because even fairies need a little privacy!

Fairy Garden Home Curtains DIY

Supplies: (includes Amazon affiliate links)

Lace trim
Florist wire
Wire cutters
Strong adhesive
Cotton swabs (to easily remove any excess glue)

Miniature Lace Curtains Tutorial for a Fairy Garden House

Step One: Cut two small strips of lace, longer than the window’s opening.

DIY Fairy Garden Lace Curtains

Step Two: Fold one end over, then thread a small strip of GREEN wire in and out of the fold to simulate the tops of gathered curtains.

DIY Fairy House Lace Curtains

Fairy Garden House Curtains

Step Three: Bend the edges of the wire into decorative loops, or twist the ends to make the “curtain rod” look more finished.

DIY Curtains for a Fairy House

Step Four: Attach to your fairy home using strong adhesive.

Fairy Garden Home Curtains

Step Five: Trim the bottom edges of the curtains to the length desired.

Optional: Use a dab of adhesive (on each side of the window frame) as an easy way to keep the lace curtains pulled back from the window.

Miniature Curtains Tutorial Fairy Garden

For the window on the yellow fairy home below, I twisted the loops on the green wire and kept the curtains closed.

DIY Miniature Curtains Fairy Homes

These miniature curtains add a sweet and cozy touch to these fairy homes, and I think Mr. Gnome agrees!

DIY Curtains for Fairy Garden Home

Want to paint rocks for your Fairy Garden? Check out my easy tutorial – using a really great outdoor craft paint – by clicking on the image below!

Painted Fairy Garden Rocks

Happy crafting!




    • Laura says

      Thanks so much Mary Beth! I hope you make one soon as I know you’ll come up with some sweet!

  1. Janet MCCARRELL says

    I’ve been collecting what things I can find to make a fairy garden. God answers prayers I didn’t pray for them but I was led to your post on Hometalk which took me to other posts! Can you sent me information or where to buy the things I will need??
    Thank You so much Janet’s Jots

  2. Janet MCCARRELL says

    I wanted to say I love the house. I whish i had seen it before i ordered some. i think I’m gonna make one anyway and it can be the Kings Home. All your things you have done I LOVE LOVE
    Janet’s Jots