How to: Crinkled Vintage Lace Seam Binding

How to crinkle vintage lace seam binding

I came up with a super easy – and super fast – way to create crinkled vintage lace seam binding for a shabby look!

Here’s an example of a vintage packet of lace seam binding:

orange vintage lace seam binding

When you unravel the binding, you’ll get definite kinks in the lace where it’s been bent around the cardboard packaging, for who knows how many years:

vintage stretch lace seam binding

Depending on what you’re using the seam binding for, those kinks can be hard to remove unless you iron them out.

But this morning I experimented with a way to make these fabulous vintage laces look shabby. Here’s how easy it is to do . . .

Cut your desired length of vintage lace seam binding. Notice the kinks. We don’t like them. 😉

kinks in vintage lace seam binding

Are you seriously ready for how easy this is?

how to crinkle lace seam binding

1. Wet the lace seam binding. I ran some water right over mine in the palm of my hand.

2. Crinkle the lace into a tiny ball.

3. Place the tiny ball of crinkled seam binding onto a paper towel.

4. Roll up the tiny ball tightly in the paper towel and squeeze, then either set it aside or put a heavy book over it for awhile.

And then, after no set time period, remove the lace seam binding from the paper towel and let it air dry.

That’s it!

Here’s a piece of the lace next to two strips that I crinkled:

before and after vintage lace seam binding

I love what a difference it makes!

I repeated the process with a neutral shade from my collection:

shabby vintage lace seam binding

This piece of lace will be the perfect finishing touch on a distressed frame project I’m working on.

shabby lace ribbon

Told you it was easy!

You can find vintage seam binding at thrift stores, vintage shops, and on Etsy, which is where I find some really good deals.

Happy crafting!




    • Laura says

      Oooh Beverly – isn’t vintage lace seam binding the best? Let me know how yours turns out, as this was my first [two times] trying it. So far, so good!