Altered Cigar Box Craft

Altered Cigar Box Craft: An old cigar box is upcycled and transformed into a little girl's treasure box!

Lucky for me that a few of my neighbors love cigars, because I’ve ended up with some of their empty wooden cigar boxes to craft with!

Recently, I turned this cigar box…

Old and used cigar boxes are perfect to craft with!
Inside of a cigar box...

…into a little girl’s treasure box!

Altered Cigar Box DIY: An old cigar box is upcycled into a little girl's treasure box!

This was a project I did for DecoArt — I’m on their blogging team — and you can find my complete tutorial to make this on DecoArt’s website by clicking here: Floral Cigar Box.

I thought I’d share a few pictures so you can see some of the details . . .
The top of the box:
Altered Cigar Box DIY: the box lid was transformed with paints and stencils.
The side of the box, along with the pedestal feet I added:
Altered Cigar Box: Use paints and sandpaper to achieve this distressed finish.
The inside of the box which says, My memories, dreams, secrets & wonderful stuff — the perfect sentiment for a little girl’s special treasures!
Handy tip:Β For any lingering cigar smell, simply put some baking soda into a small dish and place inside the box for awhile.
Altered Cigar Box: Kids love to have a place to keep their own special treasures!
If you don’t have access to a supply of empty cigar boxes, you can purchase new unfinished wood boxes at craft stores like Michaels. You can sometimes find them at thrift stores too.
Altered cigar boxes can be very useful to organize remote controls, writing supplies, jewelry, and all sorts of notions and embellishments for your sewing and crafting needs.
And as I show in this example, these boxes can make a sweet gift for a little girl! Kids love to have a special place of their own to keep their special finds!
Altered Cigar Box: An empty cigar box turned into a little girl's treasure box!

For the complete step-by-step tutorial on how I made this box, click over to DecoArt. You can also click on this pin to save it on Pinterest for inspiration!

Are you getting organized this month?

It always seems like the start of each new year is a good time to do so. I’m in the middle of organizing my craft studio. But I’m also one of those who tends to have a hard time locating things once I’ve tidied up. Hah!

How about you?




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      Thanks Carol! I think I’m going to end up like you said and have to force myself to work on other projects: they are just so much fun to play with! πŸ™‚

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    What a great project Laura! This is a great idea for a kid or parent! My daughter would love something like this. DecoArt products are so fab and so is the designer of this project *you!

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      Thanks Malia! That’s what is so fun about altering boxes, because they can be decorated a zillion different ways, for a zillion different people! πŸ™‚