A Victorian Paper Cone DIY plus a new gig for me!

A Victorian Paper Cone DIY for a simple Winter decoration!

I’m not ready to begin posting Valentine’s Day crafts yet. I want to enjoy at least one more week of post-holiday-and-pre-next-holiday peacefulness!

Can you relate?

So I made an easy craft: a Winter Victorian Paper Cone! The picture above is a teaser. You’ll have to head over to my friend Tammy’s blog Deja Vue Designs (sounds like Deja View!) to see my full tutorial. (You’ll love this project: it’s easy, fast, and gives you a welcome change from all the glitterly, festive holiday crafting and decorations!)

Why is my project over on Tammy’s blog?

Because — drumroll pleaseI’m the new Creative Contributor on Deja Vue Designs! I’ll be sharing a craft project every Wednesday, so I hope you’ll click over there today, and become a regular reader of Tammy’s blog too.

Tammy is an artist, and excels at painting and photography, but her passion is upcycling and repurposing – turning junk into treasures! I’ve spent so much time pinning her DIY projects over the years, as hers is a style I really admire.

Here’s a few of Tammy’s projects that you’ll find on her blog:

DIY Light Fixture: Decanter Chandelier by Deja Vue Designs
How to make Shabby Flowers: a DIY by Deja Vue Designs
Wooden Shim Stars DIY by Deja Vue Designs

Tammy loves to garden, just like me, and shares her garden projects on her blog like this one . . .

Decorating with Junk: Planter Box Sink DIY from DeJa Vue Designs

And Tammy is also a pet lover, being owned by two adorable pooches, Molly and Moose . . .

Molly and Moose, two adorable pooches!

So you’ll definitely love Tammy’s blog!

I’m so thrilled to be contributing to Deja Vue Designs and I hope you’ll visit me there!

How about visiting today? Click over to see my Winter Victorian Paper Cone Tutorial!

Stay warm!





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    I just found you and now you’re wandering off somewhere!! Actually, the proper pronunciation of “Vue” is closer to voo, like moo or boo, than view.

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      LOL So glad you found me Lin, and you better not leave either! 🙂 Yes, I was confused myself and appreciate your comment. Tammy said she pronounces it like moo or boo, but also likes the idea of “vue” being said like “view” since she is a photographer, among her many talents. 🙂 So now I know for sure from her too! 🙂