Paper Maché Acorn Boxes: Easy Paint DIY

Acorn Boxes: painted, gilded and glazed! An easy DIY!

Here’s a fun project: painting premade paper maché acorn boxes! It doesn’t take long at all, and you can use these boxes in so many ways, whether as favors, ornaments, or display a bunch of them in a bowl!

I was lucky enough to purchase these acorn boxes last year on clearance, but they can still be found on Amazon and if you have Amazon Prime like I do (oh what did we do before Amazon Prime?), you can order them today and have them ready to paint in a few days!

Supplies needed:
Martha Stewart Acorn Boxes (paper maché) Amazon Affiliate link
Liquid Gilding in Gold (Martha Stewart) Amazon Affiliate link
DecoArt Acrylic Craft Paint in Espresso (brown)
DecoArt Dazzling Metallic Glaze in Olde World Patina
Paint brushes
Brown silk cording (optional)

Paper Maché Acorn Boxes: Easy Paint DIY

Step One: Paint the bottom half of each acorn box with gold liquid gilding. I only needed to paint one coat. Let dry.

gold liquid gilding on paper maché acorn boxes

Step Two: Paint the top half of each acorn box with brown craft paint. I used two coats, letting the first coat dry before applying the second.

brown craft paint on paper maché acorn boxes

Notice how I painted the coats roughly, meaning that I left certain recessed areas unpainted. The paper maché soaks in the paint easily, and if you miss a few spots, you’ll cover them up in the next step. (I told you this was easy!)

brown paint roughly painted on acorn boxes

Step Three: Apply the Dazzling Metallic Glaze over the brown painted areas. Paint a small area with the glaze, then wipe off that area with a white paper towel. Some of the glaze will come off, while some of the glaze will stick in the recessed areas. Repeat on another section, and so on. Once dry, apply a second coat in the same manner as the first, section by section. Here’s what one coat looks like:

Dazzling Metallic Glaze applied over craft paint
Here’s what the paper maché acorn boxes look like once complete:
paper maché acorn boxes painted
Step Four: Take some brown cording, wrap around each box two or three times, then tie in a knot to secure. This step is optional, but does give the boxes a more finished look to them. You could also use ribbon, seam binding, lace or other decorative trims.
brown cording wrapped around acorn box
And now you have some pretty decorations for Thanksgiving!
Acorn Boxes: painted, gilded and glazed! An easy DIY!
Acorn Boxes, painted, gilded and glazed

Save these to use again next year for your entire Fall season! That’s what I’m doing!

Acorn Paper Maché Boxes, gilded and glazed

Happy crafting!




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    These are too cute Laura! Your photos are fab too…which reminds me about the photo tutorial you promised me once upon a time 🙂

    Such a fun project…off to Amazon I go!