In love with aqua blue Ball jars!

Sometimes the easiest way to decorate is by keeping things simple. And that’s exactly what we did with the anniversary edition of the well-loved blue Ball Jars.

For the past 6 years since we moved into our home, we’ve wanted colored glass to go into this window ledge above our sliding door that goes out to our patio. We just couldn’t find the perfect pieces.

And then Ball came out with these jars. And now we can check off one item on our giant home project list! An easy sense of accomplishment!

Hope everyone has a restful and relaxing Labor Day weekend here in the US!


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  1. says

    Laura, I have some originals from years ago in my collection of canning jars–I actually can fruits and tomatoes and pickles as well as jellies and preserves, though not as much as I used to. I love those blue jars!

  2. says

    We have a few original vintage blue jars that I decorate with. I love mason jars. I have a whole board on Pinterest with mason jar ideas. There are tutorials to tint them as well. On my to do list after I finish canning :).