Valentine Dryer Sheet Flowers DIY

Valentine Dryer Sheet Flowers DIY | Pet Scribbles

When decorating for Valentine’s Day, I love repurposing some of my red and white Christmas decorations, such as this red vase with decorative white twigs:

repurposing Christmas decorations for Valentine's Day

It was a cheap vase I fell in love with at a big-box craft store years ago. Lightweight, but has a gorgeous textured pattern on it, and I love its shape and color too:

red vase used for both Christmas decor and Valentine's Day

For Christmas, I had this vase (with the white twigs) displayed on our mantel in the living room, but for Valentine’s Day I decided to move it into our dining room, on top of our corner wine table. To change it up a bit, I added some faux flowers that I made out of dryer sheets, which I showed you how to make last Fall. This time I didn’t stain the dryer sheets with tea, since I wanted white flowers to stand out with the white twigs. The only embellishment to these flowers was a bit of pearly mist and some chunky red glitter. Here’s how you can make these same flowers . . .

Tutorial and Supplies

You can follow my Dryer Sheet Flowers Tutorial for the step-by-step instructions.

Used dryer sheets – 3 sheets per flower  (see tutorial)
Perfect Pearls Mist in Perfect Pearl
Martha Stewart chunky red glitter paint
Red 24-gauge wire
Scissors (see tutorial)
Heat tool (see tutorial)

And here’s some steps specific to these Valentine flowers . . .

Here’s the white-colored used dryer sheets. I tend to keep them flat when storing them to avoid Who am I kidding? I bring these used sheets upstairs to my craft room and toss them into the pile on a shelf. When the pile gets too big, the sheets eventually tumble off the shelf and begin a secondary pile on the floor. Just keepin’ it real here.

Faux flowers tutorial with used dryer sheets
Here’s what the “flowers” look like after folding, then pulling the layers apart and making some cuts:
Faux flowers tutorial with used dryer sheets
I sprayed Perfect Pearls misting spray on the flowers, which I put inside a box to help contain the spray. It was way too cold outside, otherwise I like to do this step outdoors. Spray one side, wait a few minutes, turn them over, spray the other side. And then use your heat tool as per my tutorial.
Faux flowers tutorial with used dryer sheets
I found this pretty, shiny red 24-gauge wire at the craft store, and knew it would be perfect for… Actually, I had no clue what this wire would be perfect for. It was shiny, pretty and red, and I needed to have this in my arsenal of craft supplies. You can relate, right?
Faux flowers tutorial with used dryer sheets
I cut identical lengths of wire twice the length that I wanted each stem to be. Then I simply wrapped the middle part around the center of each flower, carefully removed the twisty ties and tightly twisted the wire to keep the flower secure. After that, it was just a matter of twisting the two wires around each other to form the stem, as you can see in the picture below. (See my Dryer Sheet Flowers Tutorial to understand what I’m referencing, and to follow all of the steps there to make these flowers.)
Faux flowers tutorial with used dryer sheets
Time to play with apply the Martha Stewart chunky red glitter paint to each flower. This product is one of my new faves. I love how versatile it is! (This just gave me an idea for a future post, so I can show you all the different ways I’ve used it.)
Faux flowers tutorial with used dryer sheets
I took a small paintbrush – which may or may not be a makeup brush – and dabbed it straight into the paint, then lightly tapped and painted on the chunky glitter paint. I made sure to reach into each of the layers, and applied the glitter to the undersides of each layer too. This created wonderful depth and emphasized the shape of each flower.
Here’s an extreme close-up so you can see how the glitter looks as I was applying it:
Valentine Dryer Sheet Flowers DIY | Pet Scribbles

Once you have painted the glitter onto the flowers, put them into an upright container or vase to dry. (I let mine dry overnight.) That’s all there is to it!

Here’s what all four flowers look like together as a floral bouquet, almost like one giant flower:

Valentine Dryer Sheet Flowers DIY | Pet Scribbles

And here’s a look at the undersides of the flowers, so that you can see all of the glittery goodness:

Valentine Dryer Sheet Flowers DIY | Pet Scribbles

Now it’s time to nestle the flowers within the decorative twigs . . .

Valentine Dryer Sheet Flowers DIY | Pet Scribbles

Crafting at night = need camera flash. Snapping pics in dining room corner = need camera flash. But I wanted some natural light photos, so I took the vase with twigs and flowers into our kitchen to snap some more pics . . .

Valentine Dryer Sheet Flowers DIY | Pet Scribbles
Valentine Dryer Sheet Flowers DIY | Pet Scribbles
Valentine Dryer Sheet Flowers DIY | Pet Scribbles
Valentine Dryer Sheet Flowers DIY | Pet Scribbles
Valentine Dryer Sheet Flowers DIY | Pet Scribbles
Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day? A lot or just a little bit? Ever “steal” some of your own Christmas decorations to use for Valentine’s Day? Let me know in the comments!


  1. says

    It’s beautiful, Laura. I do the same thing with my red Christmas decor, thinking Valentine’s day decor. I took out the silver tissue pom pom flowers in my Christmas red, white and silver bouquet to have a red and white Valentine’s bouquet!

  2. says

    Oh Laura…I just LOVE that you have repurposed dryer sheets into a beautiful craft!
    It’s so funny…because I have been saving my dryer sheets because I was just positive there had to be some amazing crafty thing out there that I could make with them and now you have given me the inspiration!
    I’ve pinned this one to my “Repurpose” board.
    Thanks so much!
    Lisa H.

  3. says

    Ohh these dryer sheets flower totally beautiful. Reminds me of painting white roses, red … like in Alice In Wonderland :). LOVE it. And thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog earlier. Hugs.

  4. Loretta says

    Laura, I am so glad that I found your post…I love your flowers… I love the paint applied to them… so creative…. I thought I would share a brand I have been collecting….. Kroger Grocery Stores brand drier sheets … They have such a unique texture to them comparative to other brands after using them…. I was going to make a wreath for my Laundry Room…

    • Laura says

      Thanks for the tip Loretta! We don’t have Kroger Grocery Stores here in New Jersey – but – I’ll definitely keep this in mind whenever I’m traveling! (Can you imagine? Some people collect souvenirs of their travels… I’ll be buying dryer sheets! LOL) I’d love to see a picture of your wreath when you’re finished!