Socks for Sandy Video, from our Google+ hangout

Earlier today, we held a Google+ hangout to chat about Socks for Sandy. This is the video feed from it, around 23 minutes long. I hope you can take the time to watch it and also to share it with others who might be interested in helping out.

For complete information about Socks for Sandy, please click here.

For updates, please visit and “like” our Socks for Sandy Facebook page – click here.

Thanks so much for your support!



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    Got your emIL. HOW WONDERFUL! Got almost enough hats to fill the box. Will get them done by tomorrow and sent them out. Bless your heart for doing this! 🙂

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    Thanks for the updates and the video, it helps to hear from others who are working with this. I’d like to keep posted of how they are doing, and how they are effected by your efforts Laura..blessings, lady

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    Hi Laura, Thank you for doing this. I’m from NJ and have many friends and relatives affected by the storm in some way. Hope the box I sent was helpful and the soup and tea will warm up many folks, as well as the socks and mittens. Have passed the word on to several folks locally. My quilting pal, Karen, just mailed off a box of socks and mittens yesterday. Thanks for keeping us updated.