Socks for Sandy Twitter and Blog Info

A few examples of the heavy-duty warm socks that you have donated to Socks for Sandy!

Cue the trumpets: Socks for Sandy not only has a Facebook page, but we just signed up for a Twitter account and we have our own blog now too.

Why I’m saying “we” – when it is “me” – I’m not sure. 🙂

Click on the links below and please follow us, like us, and share these links too.

Twitter — @socksforsandy
(please also use the hashtag #socksforsandy)
Facebook — TheOfficialSocksforSandy
Blog — Socks for Sandy

Splitting up Socks for Sandy from this blog will make it easier for information to be better organized.

Starting Monday, I’ll be returning this blog (The Shed) back to its focus on crafts and DIY projects. And all future updates about Socks for Sandy will appear on the new Socks for Sandy blog.

Thanks for everyone’s support over the past few weeks! You have helped to make Socks for Sandy a successful project that is providing some warmth to many who need it!