Socks for Sandy FAQ

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Socks for Sandy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
(latest update of this page: Saturday, November 17th, at 1:50 pm, EST)

February 2013 update: The Socks for Sandy project has concluded. Thanks to everyone for their generosity and efforts! 

What do we send?

  • New packages of underwear – all sizes from toddlers to adults
  • New packages of sports bras – all sizes
  • New packages of socks – yes, there is still a need for all types of socks, in all sizes for all ages
  • New packages of thermal underwear – all sizes from kids to adults
  • New packages of children’s pajamas – from toddlers on up
  • New sweatpants for adults – preferably in neutral colors (black, grey, navy) that could be worn by women or men

Please do not send any more hats, gloves, scarves, mittens. (Due to your generosity – we have a wonderful amount that we are distributing to those in need. Thank you!)

Please know that any collections currently going on – that include hats, scarves, gloves – WILL be gladly accepted and taken to the people who need it most. (And any excess will be shared with the next closest town impacted by the storm.)

Your generosity has been amazing! Truly amazing!

Where do we send it?

Socks for Sandy
P.O. Box 520
Little Egg Harbor, NJ  08087

How do I send it?

Use your local post office. FedEx and UPS won’t deliver to post office (P.O.) boxes. There are exceptions sometimes, but I suggest using your local post office.

Your best bet to save money might be to use a USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Box.

What is the deadline for mailing you these items?

The need is urgent, and we will accept packages through the New Year holiday.
In January, we will compare what we’ve received and distributed so far versus what the current needs still are.

What else can I send to you?

Nothing else at this time, other than what is listed above.

Please do not send clothing, as that has been the most widely donated category and right now the shelters have more than enough to go around…and then some.

Photo courtesy of Sally from Drinking from my Saucer (’cause my cup has overflowed!)

More Details

What will you do if you have an overwhelming response?

First, I will probably cry tears of joy! Any surplus will be distributed to the next closest shelters for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Can I get an official letter for tax purposes about my donation of goods?

I am not a charitable organization, therefore I have no legal standing to send you an “official” document for tax purposes.

If you are a church, school, hospital, etc. and are donating a large amount of goods, I will be happy to send you a letter for your files, and I’ll make it as official as possible, but again – I am just an individual helping to bring some warmth to these victims.

Can I send you money? A check perhaps?

No! I am not accepting any forms of money to put towards purchasing socks and/or new packages of underwear. I’m not a charitable organization in any official capacity, I’m just one gal doing this, so I hope you understand that I don’t want to handle any money or checks at all.

If you would like to donate money, your best bet is to donate to the Red Cross.

How can I donate to the Red Cross?

Using your mobile phone, text the words RED CROSS to 90999 to automatically donate $10 to the Red Cross. You can also visit their website.

Are you doing this all by yourself?

I have been blessed with an incredible network of craft and DIY design bloggers from all across the country who have been helping me to promote Socks for Sandy on their blogs, on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. You can see a list of these amazing bloggers by clicking here. I encourage you to visit their blogs as a way not only to get fantastic craft projects and design inspiration for your home and garden, but also to visit their blogs as a way to say “thank you” to them for their efforts.

Me? I’m picking up the boxes, opening them up, and giving the contents directly to the supply center set up solely for the Hurricane victims. The supply center has just been relocated next to the Little Egg Harbor post office, and I couldn’t be happier about that fact! Other than playing the “receiver” role, I’m promoting this non-stop all over the usual social media channels mentioned above, and fielding all inquiries, emails, questions and comments. I’m also talking to my husband – who is helping me a great deal with this project – about every little detail way too much, which is what I normally do about anything I’m passionate about!

Why do I keep seeing powered by the Hometalk community?

Hometalk is an online destination where homeowners, renters, professionals and bloggers share and help with Home and Gardening. It is an incredible resource for just about any project indoors or outside that you can think of! I’m a member of Hometalk, as are most of the incredible DIY bloggers who have been helping me spread the word far and wide. You can learn more by clicking here.

Can you tell me if my package arrived?

Due to the volume of incoming packages, I will not be able to confirm your package was received. Doing so would slow down the process of getting these goods delivered as quickly as possible. If you want to make sure your package was received, please use the Delivery Confirmation feature when shipping at your local post office. Using Delivery Confirmation, you will be able to track your package while it is en route here, and you will also see when it arrived.

Is there anything else I can do for Socks for Sandy?

You can tweet about Socks for Sandy on Twitter using the hashtag #socksforsandy and also using the following special web address that will take people directly to my blog for complete information:

You can “like” the new Facebook page (click on the words in red) set up for this project.

You can also share this on Facebook, Pinterest, and of course with your friends and family by good old-fashioned talking and telephoning too!

Is there a logo we can use to share this information?

Yes. Here it is!

Simply right-click on your mouse, and “save image as” to download this image to your own computer. Please do not alter this image in any way. You must use this image as is.

Where can I go to ask questions or leave comments?

You can leave questions for me either on the new Facebook page or on my blog.
(Click either of the links in the above sentence.)

Why are you doing this?  

The short version? I couldn’t get it out of my head that there were so many residents in my town who escaped Sandy with nothing at all except for the clothes they were wearing. To hear that many of them just wanted a pair of socks just about broke my heart.

You want the long version? OK, you can go to my blog’s Socks for Sandy page.


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