Hurricane Sandy: Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey

artwork courtesy of Melissa from The Happier Homemaker

I can’t believe that it’s only been five days since my last post on here titled Frankenstorm is coming! It feels like Sunday occurred about a month ago. This has been a long week. I imagine it’s been that way for you too. Either you were affected by Hurricane Sandy, or you know someone who was. Or I should say you know someone who “is” being affected. Sandy is gone, but the destruction she left behind will take quite some time to fix.

Here’s a shot that shows Tuckerton Beach, New Jersey, which is near where we live.

Tuckerton Beach, New Jersey, after Sandy came through. Photo © US Coast Guard

Do you see the blue roof in the picture above? It is circled on the map below to give you a frame of reference as to where this is.

Go back up to the photo of the flooding. Do you see the dark, thin line that starts from the right side of the picture and goes toward the middle before fading away? That’s Great Bay Boulevard, which you can see below on the map.

And for a better frame of reference, X marks the spot near where we live. Just a few minutes away is Tuckerton Beach and Mystic Island. Both flooded out. We had minor storm damage. Nothing money and a bit of labor can’t fix. But just down the road from us, literally, is a different story. It is shocking. And no doubt you’ve seen similar images and watched similar stories on TV this week.

Please consider making a donation to the Red Cross, following the directions in the graphic at the top of this page.

I’ll be back here tomorrow to share another way that you can also help those who have lost so much. It was an idea I had that was quickly embraced by many of my DIY and craft blogger friends, and with their support and encouragement this idea is going to happen. Please stop back here tomorrow to learn more.

Just one more thing. This week things have felt very different. Upon reading my “Frankenstorm is coming!” post again, it just doesn’t seem so interesting right now to show you some “after” pictures of which flowers survived Hurricane Sandy and which did not. Just a wee bit unimportant right now. I hope you understand.



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    Can I share this post along with my Top 10 List that I’m posting today on my blog? I’m incorporating the Top 10 List with ten Etsy shops that are donating proceeds for Hurricane Sandy Relief and would like to add a link to this post as well. *hugs*

  2. Kathy McDermott says

    Thanks for posting. Have been trying to get more info on the area since the storm. Much worse than had originally heard.

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    Laura-thought I’d check just one more time to be sure of what you still need. Can pack a much smaller box now…thanks for the update. Our prayers are with you, your project and all of the people impacted by this storm.
    Katy, TX

    • says

      Since you grew up on LBI you know what a pretty and relaxing place it is! I hope everything can be back to normal – whatever the new normal might be – very soon. The current shelter is at Pinelands Regional Middle School right now, but as classes resume next week, they are finding alternate housing for those who lost their homes in the storm. Thanks for stopping by to share!

  5. Anonymous says

    I grew up in Tuckerton, but now live in The South. Hard to see my hometown and everyone’s beloved LBI like this, but it must be much harder for those of you who live there. My best wishes.