About Me

Hi, I’m Laura!

I love to make things. I love to garden. I love my cats. I love to read. I love to laugh. I love to write. And I love my husband.

I also love comfy clothes and comfy shoes, good champagne, hair products, Vanilla tea, Victorian images and ephemera, really old books, and handmade items – especially earrings and art dolls.

I love sea-faring tales of pirates, whaling ships, and early explorers looking for the Northwest Passage in the Arctic, and racing to find the South Pole.

I love storms as they’re approaching, and as they’re happening: a good rain never gets me down and I find I’m more creative and inspired on a rainy day. I love the wind, whether it is a gentle breeze in the Spring, a hot wind in the Summer, or a brisk cold wind in November.

My favorite season is Autumn.

I love to make things look time-worn with distressing and aging. And I love to make things sparkle with glitter. To me, chips and tears are beautiful and only enhance the story behind a vintage find.

I think life is definitely too short to hold off pursuing your dreams until “someday” happens. Someday is now. And living your life in the moment should be what everyone strives for. That being said, sometimes I craft and create in my pajamas. Sometimes my “bed head” hairstyle is literally natural.

I am a work in progress. And I like it that way. Otherwise I would stop being curious and stop wanting to learn.

In my past life, I was a trained classical flautist, cancer survivor, lover of big 80s hair, city dweller in Boston then Philly, and had a great career at a music college in Boston for 16 years.

Through all of that, I loved making things, especially cards. My first card of note was one I made for my mother (when I was a wee one) for Mother’s Day. She saved it. The back says “Whole Made Cards” written in crayon. I obviously knew the importance of handmade way back then…just got the words wrong!

After enjoying city life for many years – first in Boston, Massachusetts, then in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – my husband and I recently settled down in Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey. Many of the projects I write about on this blog are centered around our home and gardens.

We are currently “owned” by two cats:

 Lulu — our 16.5 years “young” Ragdoll girl.
She’s our resident alpha cat, who still acts and plays like a kitten!
Otto — our recently-rescued Ragdoll boy who is 6.
He weighs 20 pounds and is a total mush!    

Master Otto the Ragdoll Boy-tiny


Aliza Loo “Doolittle” … Rest in Peace
January 6, 2015


Aliza was our formerly feral, 21-ish years young, kitty whom we socialized over her lifetime with us of 11+ years. She came to me as a shy feral cat, totally sweet but totally afraid. She left as a sweet, snuggly, affectionate kitty. We will never forget her. Ever.

You can read more about Aliza’s life with us starting here.


Matisse, aka Mr. Boober … Rest In Peace
November 19, 2009

Matisse, May 2002

We had the heartbreak of saying goodbye to our special boy, who bravely battled his feline lymphoma for a lot longer than any doctors could predict. Matisse never complained, and never asked for anything. He loved unconditionally and will always be our special boy, our gentle giant, our buddy, our speed bump.
You can read about him here.