Easy Apron Makeover with Tulip Fabric Markers

Easy Apron Makeover with Tulip Fabric Markers

I’ve got another fun DIY for you: an easy apron makeover using Tulip Fabric Markers!

These fabric markers are really fun to use. You can draw intricate designs much easier than if you used fabric paints.

Tulip Fabric Markers by iLovetoCreateLast month I made this bunny tote bag with the Tulip markers:

Bunny Tote Bag with ILTC Fabric Markers

One of my favorite readers – Pat C. – commented that she doubted she could even make lines and dots using these markers.

Well Pat, you’re the inspiration for today’s DIY!

Apron Makeover with Tulip Fabric Markers

It is easy to draw lines and dots with Tulip Fabric Markers.

Decorate an apron with fabric markers

So easy, that I quickly decorated the plain trim on a canvas apron using blue lines and orange dots!

easy lines and dots with fabric markers

I didn’t measure anything, just went around the edges of the apron – including the pockets – drawing lines and dots!

Tulip Fabric Markers come in a variety of tips, from a fine point up to a jumbo chisel point. See all of the sizes here.

Apron Makeover with Tulip Fabric Markers

You can find Tulip Fabric Markers in most craft stores like JoAnn Fabric & Craft Stores or Michael’s.

Easy Apron Makeover with Tulip Fabric Markers

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Get inspired with these projects made with Tulip Fabric Markers!


Happy crafting!




  1. Pat C. says

    Wow! What a sweet surprise, Laura! Thank you for thinking of me! I really, really, really think that I could handle the expert (hehe) drawing skills required to dress up an otherwise plain apron in this way! By confining the drawing to the well-defined edges of the apron and the pocket separations, I don’t see how I could go wrong! (Of course, I would have to beat down my OCD tendencies and not use a ruler to measure the lengths of the lines and the spaces between the lines and the dots… good grief!)

    And thank you for providing closeups of your work, especially of the pockets–I’m impressed by how well the Tulip Fabric Markers minimize bleeding on such an absorbent material.

    Thank you again, Laura, for suggesting this fun (and easy!) project, in, ahem, my honor! xoxo