Painted and Glittered Wood Ornaments

Painted and Glittered Wooden Ornaments


November 16, 2016: 

This tutorial — originally from 2014 — has been completely updated here on Pet Scribbles for you!

Click here to see the 2016 updated DIY —  How to: Sparkling Painted Christmas Tree Ornaments 



December 9, 2014

These pretty ornaments began their life as simple, unfinished wood ornaments.

You can see my complete tutorial for how I transformed them into sparkly jewel-colored ornaments in my monthly post over at PinkWhen!

Hint: Paint and glitter are involved!

Extra hint: The glitter is actually glitter paint, so no worries about glitter falling off your finished ornaments!

Painted and Glittered Christmas Ornaments

Happy holiday crafting!