Gift for the DIYer: the new Craft Fail book is a MUST have!

Gift for the DIYer: the new Craft Fail book by Heather Mann is a MUST have for you and everyone on your gift list!

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book for review purposes. But all opinions – as well as the extra special craft fail – are definitely my own!

Christmas came early this month in blog land, as several of us bloggers were lucky enough to receive an advance copy of the new, must-have book, Craft Fail by Heather Mann.

I’ll sum it up for you: Buy this book.

Buy it for you. For your girlfriends. For your crafty mom. Your kids. Your crafty male friends. (Yes, my husband laughed out loud as much as I did while devouring this book!) Buy it for your co-workers. For your kid’s favorite teacher. (Maybe a copy of the book accompanied with an attempted “teacher’s gift” craft would work.) For your boss that you like. For your pet sitter. Oh – and as a hostess gift? You will be the hit of the holiday season.

Because this book is that good. And damn funny. And appeals to just about everyone.

(Disclaimer: It’s possible there are one or two humorless people in the world who this book might not appeal to. But they probably would love the book if they picked it up, or if it was placed squarely in front of them. Consider helping those unfortunate folks out and spread some crafting cheer!)

The subtitle says it all: When Homemade Goes Horribly Wrong!

Think of Pinterest. All of those craft and DIY projects you pin, definitely going to try them. No, not even try them… more like definitely going to do them.

And then reality hits. And craft fails happen. And that’s where author Heather Mann comes in.

Heather is a self-described “failure enthusiast” and publisher of the hugely popular, a website that you need to add to your reading list to see crafts gone horribly wrong. Need an example? Check out the Paisley Pigeon Poop Patio of Pain, a reader-submitted project from 2013 and one of my favorites on the Craft Fail website.

I’ll wait while you click over. Of course I’ll no doubt wait a long time because you’ll be spending lots of time on Heather’s site! But you must come back here to learn about this:

Was I right? Hilarious stuff!

Oh, yeah, about the orange thing above.

It’s my own craft fail that is my own personal best (worst?) to date.

I’ve been in love with all of the needle felting projects I’ve seen on Pinterest and some crafty blogs. So I bought an easy kit where you follow the directions and make a flower. This introductory craft was a success:

needle felted flower an easy beginner kit successfully completed!

So now that I was a needle felting pro, naturally I wanted to make a Halloween doll of some sort. And I didn’t really need to closely follow – or even loosely follow – directions. Just start stabbing that wool and you’re good to go.

Or not.

An orange needle-felted blob: a craft fail proudly shared by Laura of Pet Scribbles!

It kind of looks like a deformed gingerbread man who fell into a vat of melted orange crayon.

Am I right?

And the back of him looks a bit bloated in the middle. Maybe if I lay him this way, he can be some sort of sea creature? Are you seeing a crab?

An orange needle-felted blob: a craft fail proudly shared by Laura of Pet Scribbles!

Here’s a little secret, in what makes the Craft Fail book the must-have gift for this holiday season…

I know many of the bloggers who have projects proudly featured in this book. And you know what? They are amazing crafters, creative DIYers, and quite successful bloggers. And that’s what makes this book so damn funny and real at the same time: these are real people who are successful who also failed big-time!

It’s ok to fail! And then to laugh about it! And to totally own that craft fail too!

(See pages 161 through 167 of the book for the list of Craft Fail contributors, because blog links are included, and you’ll find some really cool crafty DIY inspiration by checking them out. Sort of like on Pinterest. And then you can attempt their crafts. And possibly succeed. Or have a craft fail. And if you do? Submit it to Heather’s site here.)

In conclusion: buy this book! (Amazon affiliate link below)

Happy crafting!


PS – Heather is giving away a copy over at Craft Fail, so click here to head over and enter to win!