Dr. Seuss Craft: Truffula Tree Cupcake Toppers

I have a totally fun Dr. Seuss-themed craft for you today: Truffula Tree Cupcake Toppers!

And even better? You can make them in 15 minutes!

And even better? The cost is under $3!

Here’s how I made them, and how you can too!

I found this rubber bracelet at the dollar store and immediately thought, “Truffula trees!”

Truffula Tree Cupcake Toppers - use the beads from a rubber dollar store bracelet!

Also at the dollar store? These fun colored toothpicks, which I knew would make the perfect Truffula Tree trunks.

Truffula Tree Cupcake Toppers - made with colored toothpicks and rubber beads!

Using a black marker, I made some lines up the “trunks” of the toothpicks.

Truffula Tree Cupcake Toppers - made with colored toothpicks as the tree trunks!

They dried quickly, and I stuck the rubber beads onto each one.

The last step? Just scrunch up the rubber bead a bit to make it a bit less perfect.

And that’s all there is to it!

Truffula Tree Cupcake Toppers - made with dollar store items for under $3!
The total cost was $2.50! The bracelet was $1.00 and the toothpicks were $1.50!
Truffula Tree Cupcake Toppers for your next Dr. Seuss Lorax party!

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Happy crafting!