Pretty Glittered Halloween Bug Magnets

Painted and Glittered Halloween Bug Magnets: you can "pretty up" fake rubber bugs in 15 minutes!

Last year, I painted these rubber bats and turned them into a pretty Glow-in-the-Dark Bat Mobile:

Glow-in-the-Dark Bat Mobile

It was an easy kids craft, and I received lots of feedback that it was nice to see a pretty Halloween decoration. So… I kept that in mind for this year!

I’m part of the latest Craft Lightning edition of Halloween crafts that you (and your kids) can make in just 15 minutes, excluding any drying time! And keeping with my pretty Halloween theme from last year, I present to you my lightning-fast craft project:

Pretty Glittered Halloween Bugs!

Yes, these are cockroaches. But you could do these with any of the fake rubber bugs being sold for Halloween like spiders and worms.

Cheap fake rubber cockroaches from the dollar store

And no, these won’t be spooky, but they sure do start out that way!

Fake cockroaches can look disturbingly real!


Choose your paint colors, keeping in mind that you’ll want to mix and match the colors for the eyes and the body of each bug. I chose pink, aqua and green, and used my favorite DecoArt Multi-Surface Satin Acrylics to quickly paint them.

Painted fake bugs for Halloween

This paint dries quickly and evens out nicely to fill in all of the tiny details on these bugs. I used two thin coats of paint, waiting just two minutes in between each coat. After the second coat, I used my hair dryer on low to speed-dry them.

Time elapsed: 6 minutes


Next, I swiped on a layer of glitter paint over each matching color. If you don’t hoard have multiple colors of glitter paint like I do, you can simply use a clear glitter paint.

Painted and glittered fake bugs for Halloween!

The glitter paint will also dry quickly, aided by your hair dryer.

Now dot some eyes onto each bug using a different color of paint, and dry with hair dryer.

You can "pretty up" fake rubber bugs for Halloween with glitter paints!

Dab some matching glitter paint over the eyes. Dry with hair dryer.

Time elapsed: 6 minutes


Finally, using a super-strong adhesive, like E-6000, glue a strong magnet onto the underside of each bug. Let dry with the magnet facing up on wax paper.

Turn fake rubber bugs into fun Halloween magnets!

(The wax paper will prevent the bugs from sticking to the paper, in case there’s any bugs not yet completely dry.)

Time elapsed: 3 minutes

Dry and Done!

Wait a few hours, I’d suggest at least 5, to make sure everything is dry, as you don’t want the magnets coming off the bugs. Not that I didn’t wait long enough and had my bugs and magnets come apart and then almost cried like a little kid because I had to do this step over or anything like that…

Once dry, decorate a magnetic surface with your pretty glittery bugs!

Painted and Glittered Halloween Bug Magnets: you can "pretty up" fake rubber bugs in 15 minutes!

I stuck ours on the inside of our front door!

Painted Glittered Halloween Bugs: you can "pretty up" fake rubber bugs in 15 minutes!

You could, of course, also forego the magnet step, and simply glue these onto whatever you want to decorate, such as a painted faux pumpkin! Or forget glue altogether and scatter them around your mantel!

I truly think that if cockroaches and other bugs roamed around my yard in pretty colors covered with glitter, I wouldn’t be creeped out by them at all! Well… maybe just a little!

For more super-fast spooky crafts (say that 10 times fast), click the Craft Lightning box at the beginning of this post to see an entire week’s worth of awesome Halloween ideas, hosted by 30 Minute Crafts and The Country Chic Cottage!

So what do you think? If creepy crawly bugs had pretty coloring and lots of glitter, would you be scared of them? Maybe someone should invent a bug spray that shoots glitter onto the bugs.





  1. says

    I’m glad you cutesied these up, because after living in Florida for 5 years cockroaches totally give me the heebeegeebees! So I’m glad to see these cute little guys, I think I could handle them! Thanks for sharing it at the Pinworthy Project Party.

  2. says

    Love these Laura! What a great idea for halloween or anytime for the Grandbabies! They love to play with magnets on my fridge and this one would be fun!

  3. says

    Laura, cockroaches never looked so good! Great idea my friend. I love the pretty pastel version of these icky bugs much better than the “real” ones. Your bats are fab too!