Pinecone Crafts: Mini Pinecone Tree Pots

Pinecone Crafts: Mini Pinecone Tree Pots you can make in about 15 minutes!
Welcome to those of you visiting via Pinterest, where this tutorial is quite popular! I hope you enjoy this craft – which only takes 15 minutes to make!  ~Laura

I have a lot of friends who are crafty, but who just don’t have time to seriously craft on a regular basis unless we somehow figure out how to add more hours to each day. (And those extra hours would be devoted to crafting!) I’m here to remind you that crafting doesn’t have to take a big chunk of time. In fact, you can create some awesome handmade decorations and gifts for the holidays in only 15 minutes.

Yes, you read that correctly! You can create awesome handmade decorations and gifts in only 15 minutes. And today I’m going to get you started on your road to quick crafting, by sharing with you how easy it is to make Mini Pinecone Tree Pots.

I’m lucky enough to have real pinecones fall into my backyard from the evergreens behind our property. I’ve wanted to make something with these pinecones, and found my inspiration when I saw this photo online at Better Homes & Gardens. Naturally, I had to pin it to my Ahhh Christmas! board on Pinterest:

Better Homes and Gardens Easy Decorating with Pinecones
Easy Decorating with Pinecones | © Better Homes & Gardens

This is super easy to make, once you have your supplies in place.

Pinecone Craft: Mini Pinecone Tree Pots


Small pinecones
Miniature (1.5 inches high) wooden craft flower pots (around $1 each at the craft store)
Acrylic craft paint in your choice of colors
Martha Stewart Course Glitter Paint in your choice of colors
Foam brush
Small brush


1. Paint your pots. The colors I chose match the colors that are carried from our front entrance to our fireplace mantel with the ball ornaments in chartreuse, aqua and red. (See image below for a zoomed-in shot of our mantel.)


I was able to do two quick coats in about 5 minutes, as the paint soaks in and begins to dry fairly quickly with the first coat. I did this last night, and let them dry overnight.

Time elapsed?  5 minutes!

Pinecone Craft: Mini Pinecone Tree Pots

2. Paint course glitter paint with a small brush — which may or may not be an eye makeup brush from a gift set I never used — dabbing and spreading as you go. The colors I used are Garnet (red) and Florentine Gold. Let dry.

Time elapsed?  5 minutes!

Pinecone Craft: Mini Pinecone Tree Pots

3. Sit pinecones in (and on top of) each pot, placing each cone so that it is standing upright like a little tree.

4. Place them in a special place and enjoy your little forest of Mini Pinecone Tree Pots!

Time elapsed? 5 minutes, or however long it takes you to be satisfied with your arrangement!

Total time? 15 minutes! Done!

Pinecone Craft: Mini Pinecone Tree Pots
Pinecone Craft: Mini Pinecone Tree Pots
Pinecone Craft: Mini Pinecone Tree Pots
Pinecone Craft: Mini Pinecone Tree Pots

I hope this post inspires you to consider trying some quick crafts this holiday season. Not only is it fun, but it is a great way to relax in just a short amount of time: a nice break from the holiday hustle and bustle!

Pinecone Craft: Mini Pinecone Tree Pots

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Happy crafting!




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    These are so cute, simple but lovely little piece of Christmas to give to special friends. Thanks for the inspiration. Craft store here I come!


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