Don’t Flip Your Lid: A Quick Tip for Craft Paints

A leftover peanut butter container lid = craft paint dish!

A quick crafty tip:  Save those plastic lids from peanut butter containers, or similar containers, and use those to hold your craft paint during projects. I love that these lids-turned-into-dishes have raised sides to contain the paint, and also that they rinse and wash clean after you’re done. And if I’m in the middle of a project? I just put the lid inside of a plastic baggie and the paint doesn’t dry out. Easy!

On the left side in the picture above, you can see a frame I’ve been working on which will hold a prized vintage postcard that doubles as a pincushion. I’m enjoying how the frame is coming along: from a basic mass-produced new frame into an aged frame suitable for something vintage. Can’t wait to share it with you when it’s finished!



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    Laura, can’t wait to see it–I’ve been playing with frame finishes too! I’ve got a pile of “repurposed” frames with an investment of $0, so I’m not concerned if I don’t like the outcome. Have fun with your custom orders!

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      Thanks Bernadette! Yes, I love the “investment of $0” – this particular frame was part of a gift, but not the main part, so I don’t feel guilty giving it a makeover. I bet you’re enjoying the frames too, especially if they will hold some of your own artwork and paintings! 🙂