Surgery Hair and other random thoughts about the upcoming surgery

Above photo from pre-surgery, 2011:
Husband amused and had to take this shot of me because of “fall risk” band. He wished we had these for me to wear ever since I broke my foot in a total klutzy way 3 years ago. Probably not a bad idea! 


Thoughts popping into my head while I’m trying to do other things . . .

I wonder if I’ll snore so badly in the hospital that I’ll get my own room?

Will the hospital room have an ocean view? (will be at a hospital along the coast) Since my previous surgery was 364 days before this one, any chance for an upgrade, like they do on cruise ships? Thus, an ocean view?

Will Aliza Cat be ok without me for several days? She tends to pull out her hair and make ugly “holes” in her fur when she gets stressed. It doesn’t happen too often, but she’s been working on one now…like she already knows I’m leaving.

I need surgery hair. Need what? You heard me: surgery hair. I’ll talk about it more in a minute.

Hope I can wear my own slipper socks in the hospital – mine are way cuter.

Will I actually gross my own self out with the tube coming out of my side? I know it will only be like that for a few days, but I just might gross myself out. Haven’t thought of any way to make the tube idea any less gross, other than possibly Mod Podge-ing the tube and covering it with glitter. Although supposedly the doctors need that tube to remain see-through…so much for that idea.

I can’t wear my wedding band and engagement ring during surgery and while in the hospital. That sucks. I don’t wear tons of jewelry, and that’s fine if I have to forego earrings, but at least if I could keep my wedding band on…it is a calming thing to me.

I keep replaying the conversation between me and the anesthesiologist during pre-admission testing:

Me:  Since this surgery will be between 3 and 6 hours, and I’ll be getting lots of anesthesia during that time, is there a high potential I’m going to get sick from it?
Anesthesiologist: Yes.
Me: Sooooo…. Can you give me the anti-nausea stuff too?
Anesthesiologist: Yes.

Surgery Hair

The last thing I need is to feel gross in the hospital, then look in a mirror and not see coiffed hair. And by coiffed I mean my usually artfully orchestrated messy bed-head style curly hair. I work at making it look naturally messy and unkempt, let me tell you!

I made an appointment with my favorite hair stylist in the entire world, and when I told her I needed surgery hair – and because she “gets” me – she knew exactly what I was talking about. I’m thinking of something a bit shorter, easier to “not” deal with, that will look fine for a few days while being sprayed and fluffed with dry shampoo by my hopefully willing husband or more likely by my Mom. And getting the roots done while I’m at it isn’t a bad idea either. Then, when I’m home and uncomfortable with a tube still stuck inside of me for a month, I don’t have to worry about my hair at all. Smart, right?

You think it’s a crazy idea? You don’t know me very well yet!




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    I agree with MCatherine….you HAVE hair! Maybe leave it long and cover your head in pretty scarves the way Valerie Harper did on the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Less effort and the added bonus of looking a touch exotic 🙂 When your friends ask what they can bring you tell them, “a pretty scarf so I can look like Rhoda.”

    Best of luck, Laura!

    P.S. Why not put a finger puppet on the tube? The doctor will smile as he/she takes it off for a “look-see”.

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    I had a pretty big surgery when I was 15 after I got royally clobbered by a horse and it split my liver in a couple of pieces. I had two tubes sticking out of my side for awhile and I still remember so vividly how as soon as they pulled the tube out and left me alone, I was trying to pull the holes open to see if I could look inside and see my guts. 🙂 I also remember being absolutely horrified by my hair (I was 15, afterall), especially when my (gorgeous) surgeon came in to check on me.

    MCatherine has a good point. And I would love the idea of the tube cozy. HA!

    Hope all goes well. Best of luck with the surgery, and make sure they’ve got that anti-nausea stuff really handy. That stuff is awesome. 🙂 And it probably wouldn’t hurt to ask for the frequent visitor upgrade. 😀

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      Yes Melissa, I’m picturing a hole that goes into some empty space, and…other stuff too gross to type! That sounds like quite an experience you had when you were 15. Sometimes I remind myself that I’m 45 and still obsessing about my hair like I did in high school. And then I cringe. And then I rationalize it and all is fine again in my little world. LOL

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    Haha, you had me cracking up with the mod podge idea and being upgraded to an ocean view room! And I think pre-planning for hair maintenance is the smartest idea ever (and not just because I’ve had to cut mine to make life easier for my own convalescence).

    Best of luck with the surgery. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you making aquaintance with that private ocean view room 🙂


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      Ahh Kate, another one who understands! I’m also liking the feedback to my crafty tube ideas. Might open a second Etsy shop with this idea. Can you imagine? And my luck it would be the most popular items sold! LOL

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      Thanks Ann! I admit that I’m relying a bit on my humor to get me over the pangs of fear that crop up about the surgery. And yes, Aliza WILL become bald if she doesn’t stop it. I say, “Aliza, stop it!” and my husband says, “She doesn’t know what you’re saying.” Au contraire!! She does too. 😉

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    All my best to you for a successful surgery and quick recovery and most importantly, quick return home to Aliza so she doesn’t have to worry about Mom!

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      Thanks Ingrid! This is when I wish Matisse was still with us, as he was a wonderful calming factor for Aliza whenever she got stressed…just as she was his calming factor in his last days with us. My husband promises to give Aliza extra attention. Lulu promises to share. 🙂