How to Harvest Lavender the Easy Way!

I just taught myself how to harvest Lavender the easy way! I didn’t follow any expert instructions, but it still worked. Now I have three mason jars full of dried Lavender ready for DIY projects! Here’s how I did it…

How to Harvest Lavender the easy way!

Last Summer, our Lavender in our front gardens was growing quite nicely and at the end of the Summer I had regretted not learning how to harvest any of it to use for crafts, sachets and the like.

This Summer, our Lavender took off like it was on garden steroids and was a gorgeous feast for the eyes all season long!

Lavender: 40 seconds of zen!

Here’s a 40 second video I took in July so you can see the bees enjoying the pretty flowers!

Beautiful, right?

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How to Harvest Lavender the easy way!

What I was supposed to do…

I’ve seen various articles online and on Pinterest about the proper ways to harvest Lavender.

Some of them had so many steps, I gave up reading.

Others had very specific instructions.

Many articles stressed that you have to harvest the lavender just as its reaching its peak of blooming, or before it’s about to bloom or when it’s in full bloom…

Can you see why I was so confused?

And most articles mentioned that you have to hang bunches upside down in a darkened room to completely dry out.

What I chose to do…

As I gazed at our stunning Lavender every day and evening, and enjoyed its wonderful scent, I could not bring myself to cut it off just for the sake of harvesting at the perfect time.

So I didn’t do it.

A couple of weeks ago, in the midst of Heat Wave #27 — or so it seemed — I decided that the Lavender was already past its prime as the flowers were all dried up.

It was time to prune the Lavender down to the delicate silvery-grey leaves.

I went outside and looked at the dried Lavender and wondered why in the world I couldn’t just harvest it right then and there?

It was already dried by the sun, and maybe the color wasn’t as vibrant, but the scent seemed to still be there.

So I simply cut off the flower stalks and tossed them into a few foil trays.

Harvest lavender the easy way!

Harvest lavender the easy way!

The next day I sat at our breakfast room table — in air-conditioned bliss — and rubbed my fingers along the flower stems so that the dried Lavender quickly fell off into an empty foil tray.

How to dry lavender the easy way!

It took awhile removing the dried Lavender from the stems but the scent was so relaxing that I didn’t mind.

Drying lavender the easy way!

Dry your own lavender the easy way!

Before I knew it — I had filled three mason jars full of dried Lavender!

Dried lavender stored in mason jars. Just add ribbon!

And by the way — what I harvested was only one half of one patch of Lavender.

Had the weather not been so grossly hot and humid, I would have gladly stayed outside to harvest all of it carefully.

Instead, after I got a few trays full, I was a sweaty mess and just wanted to complete the pruning chore before I died of heatstroke.

So I became a pruning banshee, cutting the rest of the lavender off as fast as possible before I collapsed.

What can you make with dried Lavender?

There are all kinds of crafts that can be made with dried Lavender, such as soaps, candles and of course sachets.

I’m not sure what I will do, but I love that I harvested the Lavender on my own terms and in a much easier way than most experts will instruct you to do.

How to harvest lavender the easy way!

And one more thing…

I have a pretty sachet that I received as a Christmas gift. Out of curiosity, I opened it up to compare the color of the dried Lavender to what I had just harvested and the colors were identical!

So there you go!

How to harvest Lavender in the easiest way possible!

Happy gardening!



    • Laura says

      You’re welcome Barb! It almost seems too easy, right? Our entire home was scented with Lavender too — just ask my very patient husband — so I really don’t think it lost any of its scent. Let me know if you try this!

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