I buried a Cardinal yesterday . . .

A female Cardinal flew into our patio door yesterday morning. Her neck was broken and she died pretty quickly. I stayed with her and then buried her in our backyard garden among the Lavender. That experience is still front and center in my mind this morning.

lavender in the garden

I was just about to go upstairs to my craft studio, when I heard a “thunk” against the glass in our breakfast room. My husband heard it too from his office. We both thought it didn’t sound good and walked slowly toward the patio door. And that’s when we saw her.

I couldn’t just leave her there. I can’t explain it.

Cardinals have made their home in our backyard for years. Such a pretty accent to our outdoor world year-round.

bird nest in dappled willow

Cardinals mate for life, and we often see the pair in our yard (and nesting in our Dappled Willow shrubs).

bird nest up close

I keep looking for her mate. It breaks my heart.

Stepping away slightly, you can see how this nest is almost exposed but yet blends in . . .

birds nest in dappled willow

A dear blogging friend told me yesterday that this female Cardinal may have been a juvenile. Apparently the Spring babies are as big as their parents now as they prepare to migrate.

And maybe no mate was left behind.

Dappled Willow Shrubs in Sept 2015

This is our wall of Dappled Willow. This entire wall was grown with just one store-bought little shrub. All the rest grew from cuttings that I took from the original. (You can read about how I did it here: Dappled Willow.)

I didn’t do anything heroic yesterday.

I read that Cardinals call to their mates especially at dusk, when it becomes harder to see.

I’ll be watching for them.




  1. nancy says

    Maybe an attractive decal placed on your patio door could help prevent future heartache and trsuma for you? ♡

    • Laura says

      That’s such a great idea, Nancy! I really appreciate it and will look into finding something. So glad you shared this suggestion! Thanks!