Where have I been?

Where in the world have I been since my last post on May 27th? I thought I’d give you a quick update!

Lulu from Pet Scribbles

But first, I just had to share a picture of Lulu, our ragdoll! She’s going to be 15 years old at the end of this month, yet she still acts like such a kitten!

Where have I been?

As an artist and blogger, I have several gigs that sometimes overlap with this blog and sometimes don’t. One of the coolest gigs I have is working with DecoArt, and recently I’ve begun doing project tutorials for DecoArt and Home Depot!

And what’s even more amazing? The projects each feature the chalky finish line of DecoArt paints that I love so much!

Let me share just a few with you . . .

Here’s a magazine holder I painted and stenciled from an unfinished wood crate that Home Depot sells:

Magazine Storage Crate DIY

And here’s a beat-up caddy that I found at a local junk store for only $5! I gave it a makeover using a wax candle, some chalky finish paint, duck tape and stencils, and turned it into an art supply caddy:

Art Supply Caddy Makeover

I know what you’re thinking… “Duck tape???” Yes, I promise I’ll share this easy “cheat” to getting a chippy paint finish look soon!

Currently, I’m working on painting an unfinished wood ladder-back chair that’s in a smaller size for a child. And I’m also working on a bookcase I’ve had forever that needs a makeover big-time!

I don’t have pictures yet to share with you, but if you follow me on Instagramclick here to follow me there – I’ll be sharing some behind the scenes shots there.

What else is going on?


Yes, I’m in gardening heaven right now, although when I’m kind of sweaty and covered in dirt it probably does not look like I’m enjoying myself.

But I am. Very much so, as I find gardening to be relaxing and soothing and wonderful!

gardening in early June

The picture above is a section of our backyard garden as it currently looks at the moment, and the picture below is some of my latest haul from Home Depot: lemon grass (repels mosquitoes!), Spanish lavender, and strawflowers!

flowers from Home Depot

I have a zillion things to share with you here, and once I get them transferred from my brain to my typing fingers to my laptop keyboard to this blog, I promise you’ll see me here more often!

Happy June!