Bunny Tote Bag DIY

Bunny Tote Bag with ILTC Fabric Markers

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Udderly Smooth and iLoveToCreate. As always, this DIY and all of my opinions are most definitely my own!

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Tulip Fabric Markers

What’s easier than using fabric paint? How about using fabric markers? They work just like the markers you’re no doubt familiar with, and make creating your own custom designs super easy.

I got to play with this fabulous set of Tulip fabric markers from iLovetoCreate:

Tulip Fabric Markers by iLovetoCreate

The colors are so pretty!

Click here to see helpful videos about these fabric markers.

For my bunny tote, I began with this small white cloth tote – a perfect blank canvas to do some freehand drawing!

basic white tote bag

First, I stuck cardboard inside the tote, to prevent the colors from bleeding through to the other side.

I began by drawing a simple bunny with the black fabric marker, then added blue eyes, a pink nose and some black whiskers.

I shaded around the bunny with two different green shades at the bottom of the tote (to mimic grass that I imagine my bunny is hopping around in), and then used the lighter green around the bunny.

I made simple dots here and there over the green with the other bright colors. Here’s an extreme close-up for you!

colorful dots with fabric markers

I added some pink flowers around the top as a border, and added more colorful dots around the flowers and on the cloth handles. The fabric marker colors are bright and vivid!

drawing with fabric markers

My bunny needed a tail, so why not make it a fun pom pom? (You can learn how I make my pom poms by clicking here for my step-by-step tutorial.)

I attached the pom pom to the tote using Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue.

pom pom for bunny tail

I don’t normally draw freehand, so this was definitely challenging myself beyond my comfort zone. But you know what? I enjoyed every minute of it!

I think my bunny tote turned out pretty cute!

Bunny Tote Bag with ILTC Fabric Markers

I have so many ideas for projects I want to make with these markers, so stay tuned!

Drawing freehand can be so relaxing and fun!

Bunny Tote DIY with fabric markers

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    • Laura says

      Jeanie – I feel like I can’t freehand draw either! Guess what? We CAN! (And I’m saying “we” because if I can do it, you can do it!)

  1. Laura Kelly says

    I love this cute as pie little bunny. You did such a great job on this. Thanks for sharing your awesomeness!

    • Laura says

      Why thank you Laura! And thanks for organizing another utterly awesome project! (See what I did there? LOL)

  2. says

    that turned out so cute!! I love the bunny and that lotion looks amazing too!! Fabric markers are so much fun and so versatile!!!

  3. Pat C. says

    Your tote is adorable, Laura! I could never draw such a cute little bunny; in fact, I couldn’t even draw the sweet flowers, or the dots and lines, either! But I will pin it to my Easter board for inspiration!

    I love the look of the Tulip fabric markers… the labeling and the colors just scream FUN, don’t they?

    One of my sisters usually keeps a tub of Udderly Smooth cream in her bathroom, and I’ve enjoyed using it whenever I’ve visited her. I never thought to buy any for myself, and I see that there are many other formulas to choose from…

    I can’t wait to enter the giveaway! I’ve been a bit under the weather, but I see that I still have two more days to get my entries in!


    • Laura says

      You’re right Pat – the labeling and colors of the markers DO make you want to pick them up and just start using them! I think that you COULD draw lines and dots. And you’ve just given me an idea for a post…so stay tuned! 😉