Quick and Easy Patriotic Banner DIY!

Quick and Easy Patriotic Banner DIY!

It’s time for another round of Craft Lightning everyone!

I love participating in these challenges, because it forces me to create a craft that can be made within 15 minutes. In the past, we’ve had themed challenges, such as Dr. Seuss (when I made my Truffula Tree Cupcake Toppers), but this week’s theme was Anything Goes!

Should I create a Summer project? Maybe an outdoor project? What can I make? I spent quite a lot longer than 15 minutes trying to think up something fun and unique . . .

And then this conversation occurred on Sunday:

Me:  “I can’t get over how many stores start their Memorial Day sale advertising so early. It never used to be like that.”
Husband: “Um…so….you do know that Memorial Day is this coming weekend, right?”
Me: [Blank stare. First at him. Then at our cat Lulu, who nodded in agreement with my husband.]

This blank stare was quickly followed by me lamenting where has May already gone, I haven’t yet purchased all my garden plants yet, and oh geez I should be fertilizing already and what exactly are we doing for Memorial Day anyway? We should totally do something. And so on. The usual.

And that conversation was the inspiration behind my Quick and Easy Patriotic Banner DIY!

Yes, you can whip something up for Memorial Day, and then keep it around to display again for Flag Day and the Fourth of July too!

Make this in less than 15 minutes, minus the drying time! Definitely quick and definitely easy!

And it all starts with basic manila hang tags you can purchase at the office supply store . . .

Quick and Easy Patriotic Banner DIY!

Basic manila hang tags (one for each letter)
White craft paint
Paint brush
Plastic lid for paint
Washi tape in musical motif
Red glitter paint

Step One: Paint your hang tags with one coat of white craft paint. You do not have to be nice and neat about this. Just paint most of each tag and you’ll be all set. I used DecoArt’s Americana Multi-Surface Satin paint in Cottonball because it dries quickly, spreads evenly, and covers well. Three key things you want when time is of the essence!

The hang tags will curl up when wet with paint.

Quick and Easy Patriotic Banner DIY!

Don’t worry: they will uncurl as they are drying. You can either let them air dry, or speed up the drying time with a heat tool.

Quick and Easy Patriotic Banner DIY!

Step Two: Paint (freehand) a red glitter border across the bottom of each tag. Again, you don’t need to be precise, just eyeball it. Let dry. (Again, you can air dry or speed up drying with a heat tool.)

Quick and Easy Patriotic Banner DIY!

Step Three: Apply two strips of washi tape (using a musical motif, or other motif of your choosing) to the top and bottom of each hang tag as shown. (The top was applied to overlap the white painted edge, and the bottom was applied to overlap the red glitter edge.)

Quick and Easy Patriotic Banner DIY!

Step Four: Apply an adhesive-backed letter to the center of each hang tag. I used these awesome red glitter letters called Thickers which are raised up on a layer of foam.

Quick and Easy Patriotic Banner DIY!
Quick and Easy Patriotic Banner DIY!
Quick and Easy Patriotic Banner DIY!

Step Five:  Hang each hang tag, spaced evenly, onto a length of twine. Again, I eyeballed it.

Step Six: Hang your patriotic banner up and enjoy the holiday!

Quick and Easy Patriotic Banner DIY!

Switch out different colors in this easy DIY and you could make a “Celebrate” banner for birthdays, anniversaries, or any festive occasion!

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Sometimes 15 minutes is all you need to remind yourself that yes, you are creative!
(Or in my case, yes you can still prepare for Memorial Day!)

Happy patriotic crafting!