DIY Seasonal Air Freshener using Essential Oil

DIY Seasonal Air Freshener using essential oil and water: easy and natural, perfect for hostess gifts, teacher gifts, stocking stuffers and gifts for men!

I have an easy DIY project for you – perfect for this season, and perfect for holiday gift-giving too! (I’m thinking hostess gifts, stocking stuffers, teacher gifts, even gifts for the men on your list!)

DIY Seasonal Air Freshener using Essential Oil

Air fresheners are very popular these days, sold by so many brands with more scents and styles showing up on store shelves at this time of year, wrapped up in colorful seasonal papers and labels. Many of these can be quite expensive, and many of these have overwhelming scents. For those with allergies, or an aversion to strong smells, these air fresheners can actually wreak havoc.

I’ve discovered an alternative that is:

  • easy to make
  • inexpensive
  • gently scented
  • natural

Ready for how easy it is?

Choose a scent you love

In my case, I knew that I wanted a fir tree scent. Something that wasn’t pine-scented to the point of smelling like I just cleaned my house with pine cleaner, but more like being in a wonderful fir tree forest. I found the perfect scent in an essential oil.

Essential oils versus Fragrance oils

Essential oils are sometimes confused with perfumed oils or fragrance oils. They are not the same. Perfume oils and fragrance oils are synthetic, meaning they are chemically made in a lab somewhere. Essential oils are all-natural essences that have been derived from plants, trees, leaves and flowers.

And that’s my limited chemistry lesson for you today!

After doing some research (i.e. surfing on Google) on the different scents available, I chose to purchase Fir Needle Essential Oil by Nature’s Kiss via

I loved the description that I found on the Nature’s Kiss website:

Nature’s Kiss Fir Needle Essential Oil has an aroma that resembles walking through a beautiful forest in that it is a rich, woody, invigorating and balsamic of medium strength with a middle note. It is a very calming aroma that puts you in touch with nature. The aroma is fantastic and familiar for Winter holidays.

Sounds perfect, right? I usually use a pine-fir needle scent in our home starting right around now, in mid-November. It’s a peaceful scent that carries us through the holidays and into the Winter months. And with the stresses that can sometimes arise with the holidays, I love the idea of a calming aroma, although my husband might want to just douse me with the entire bottle as a preventive measure… Did I just type that?


  • Essential oil of your choice
  • Water
  • Spray bottle – either new or recycled
  • Optional: decorative scrapbook paper and adhesive
Fir Needle Essential Oil - the perfect aroma for a DIY seasonal air freshener!

I had saved an empty spray bottle from one of our favorite air fresheners by Trader Joe’s, just for this purpose!


1. Put 3 to 5 drops of essential oil into the spray bottle.

2. Fill the bottle with water about 3/4 full.

3. Shake well.

4. Spray.

Depending on the size of your bottle, begin with about 3 to 5 drops of essential oil, then you can test and smell and decide if you need to add more drops.

The water and the essential oil don’t mix – think of some homemade salad dressings as an example – and so you need to shake well to mix them up before spraying.


Cut decorative scrapbook paper to fit around your bottle and adhere with glue dots or an adhesive tape runner. I also added a bright orange button on the top of the cap. 

Add a decorative button to the cap of a spray bottle for an extra little touch!

The final touch was a bit of trim and a little tag attached with some tea-stained twine. I call my homemade scent in the forest.

DIY Air Freshener: customize the bottle with seasonal decorative scrapbook papers and trims!

As I mentioned earlier, this would be a sweet hostess gift idea for Thanksgiving and holiday gatherings, as well as a thoughtful gift for teachers, friends and family members. Think small bottles as stocking stuffers, larger bottles as gifts. And if you choose a scent that isn’t feminine, like this fir needle scent, it makes a great gift for men!

DIY Seasonal Air Freshener using essential oil and water. Easy to make, all natural, and makes a thoughtful homemade gift!

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    What a lovely handmade gift idea Laura and perfect for our own homes. I make my own scented products too and particularly like that I can vary the strength of the scent. I agree…. often those commercial ones are a little too overwhelming. Here’s a little tip for you (and I hope you don’t mind me sharing this)… by adding a couple of drops of Vodka to the mix the water and oil will mix into one.
    Loved your Scents of the Season 🙂