Halloween Beware Banner DIY plus spooky decorating ideas!

Halloween Beware Banner DIY plus fantastic spooky decorating ideas by Amanda at Mommy is Coocoo
Today my friend Amanda is filling in for me, while I get ready for our Oktoberfest party coming up at the end of the week! She’s sharing her spooky (and fun) Halloween decor with you, including some fantastic DIYs! 
Hello, I am Amanda and I blog at mommy is coocoo!

Laura has invited me to guest post today and I am going to share some of our Halloween Decor.  By decor I mean whimsical, thrifty decorations {mostly bought on clearance the day after Halloween.  It’s “day-core” ya’ll} with a little easy DIY.
Awesome Halloween spooky decorating ideas by Amanda at Mommy is Coocoo
My family attends a large Halloween party every year.  We all dress up!  Halloween has become an extra fun holiday. My children really look forward to it!  We decorate our home and talk (for weeks) about what are costumes are going to be.
Enter if you dare!
Halloween decorating ideas by Amanda at Mommy is Coocoo
DIY Halloween Chevron Pallet Sign by Mommy is Coocoo
To celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Halloween party, I made the host a Chevron Pallet Sign. The not so spooky sign greets people on the way inside.
Spooky Cobweb Chandelier ideas from Mommy is Coocoo
I love decorating with cobwebs for Halloween!  Cobwebs are so inexpensive and they really create a fun and spooky look on just about anything.  I let my young kids go crazy putting cobwebs all over the place.
Faux cobwebs are an easy way to decorate for Halloween! via Mommy is Coocoo
I bought these clearance spiders last year for a few dollars!  The bright colors make them extra fun.
Spooky decorating ideas for Halloween from Mommy is CoocooSpooky decorating ideas for Halloween from Mommy is Coocoo

These {not so} spooky pillows were on clearance too!

Halloween decor inspiration from Mommy is Coocoo!Halloween decor inspiration from Mommy is Coocoo!
I tucked a large hairy black spider into the chandelier and added some flicker candles to add a bit of creepy charm.  If you haven’t checked them out yet, flicker candles can be purchased at most hardware stores and they are perfect for Halloween!
Fun (and inexpensive) Halloween decorating tips from Mommy is Coocoo!
Who doesn’t love a glitter skeleton?
Black glitter skeleton via Mommy is Coocoo
My coocoo kids call our skeleton Grace because she hangs by our kitchen table {where we say grace}.
Easy Halloween decorating style with Mommy is Coocoo
I used grocery store bags to make this pennant banner in six easy steps
Halloween Banner DIY - Beware - from Mommy is Coocoo
Pumpkins and LED candles are perfect in the fireplace. The candles are on a timer so they come on and go off every night.  Just like magic!
Easy Halloween fireplace decorations by Mommy is Coocoo

However, this extra spooky dust is only available at the coocoo’s house. Don’t try to replicate it.  It’s one of a kind.

Pumpkins indoors grouped together for impact! via Mommy is CoocooFake mice are a spooky Halloween decoration! Eeeek! via Mommy is Coocoo
Mr. coocoo thought I had totally lost it when I spray-painted this branch from our backyard and brought it inside {to be fair, I did hang it above our cook top}.
 Free Spooky Branch Decoration! Easy DIY from Mommy is Coocoo

I added a $1 plastic mouse to complete the creepy look.  See my DIY (Free Spooky Branch Decoration from the backyard) tutorial here.  You don’t always need a lot of money to decorate!

 Fake rodents looking almost real? Definitely spooky Halloween decor! via Mommy is Coocoo
Thanks so much for allowing me to share today Laura!  I hope you and your family have a wonderful fall!
If you’d like to see more of my Halloween Décor, or just want to learn about the whole coocoo family, head on over to mommy is coocoo. And you can follow along with me via Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Google+ too!
Isn’t Amanda’s home Halloween-tastic? I’m in love with the Beware banner DIY – I definitely need to make one! Definitely check out her blog – you’ll find yourself pinning so many things just like I did…and still do!
Thanks Amanda!