DIY Dollar Store Pumpkin Makeover

Pretty Pink Pumpkin DIY: Turn a cheap, plastic Halloween Jack-o-Lantern into pretty Fall decor you can enjoy all season long!


I saw this little plastic jack-o-lantern (below) at the local dollar store recently. It was shiny and kind of cheap-looking, and the inside had a flashing green light. This pumpkin needed a makeover, or else it would be doomed to spend its life being appreciated only one night a year, on Halloween. So, as if it was a stray kitten that needed a home, I lovingly rescued it!


This plastic dollar store pumpkin was in serious need of a makeover!

The first step was to paint it pink. I used my favorite DecoArt Multi-Surface Satin Acrylics, which spread onto plastic like butter. A good, creamy kind of butter. Not the kind that’s a bit too cold, because you forgot to take it out of the fridge in time and now your guests are attempting to butter their bread with difficulty yet keeping their poker faces in tact. 

A little paint can do wonders on dollar store Halloween decorations!

What made me instantly happy – or #instahappy in Instagram speak – is that with the pumpkin now sporting pink, the flashing light seemed to become a pretty aqua shade!

This pretty pink pumpkin is all smiles now that he's getting a makeover!
But I wanted to enjoy this little guy for the entire Fall season, not just for Halloween, so I decided to make the back the front!


I painted the stem orange and then covered it with glitter paint in a similar shade. For the embellishments I simply punched a hole in two small fake glittered leaves, pulled a piece of netting scrap through it and affixed with a glue dot onto the pumpkin. A vintage button (also attached with a glue dot) was the final touch.


Dollar Store Pumpkin Makeover using supplies from your craft stash!


Now I have a pretty pink pumpkin to enjoy for the entire Fall season!


Dollar Store Pumpkin DIY - from drab to fab with a coat of paint and a few embellishments!


And I can turn it around and use the “other” front for Halloween!


Pink Jack-o-Lantern DIY finished in about an hour!


I love the slightly shabby look with the netting scrap and vintage button, the retro style with the colors and glitter, and the glam of the glittered leaves.


Pretty Pink Pumpkin DIY: a little shabby, retro, vintage and glam all mixed together!


Most of all, I really love how this newest pumpkin mixes right in with my other wooden, glass and ceramic pumpkins!


Dollar Store Pumpkin Makeover: turning a Halloween decoration into a bit of Fall home decor you can enjoy all season long!

Have you started decorating for Fall yet? That’s on my project list for this weekend!

Happy crafting!




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    You know how much I love this pink pumpkin! Too cute. You are making Halloween pastel perfect, one project at a time! xo