Container Gardening: My 3 Top Tips!

Container Gardening - 3 Easy Tips for Success

I ran a Container Garden mini-series last year here on my blog, and it was super-popular, so here are the links all in one handy post!

Just in time for the Summer heat – which can really do a number on your potted flowers and plants – follow these three easy container gardening tips and you’ll enjoy gorgeous flowers in your pots and urns all Summer long!

Part One:  Commitment

Part Two:  Water

Part Three:  Fertilizer

Happy planting!



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    Laura, thank you so much for writing these posts about container gardening 🙂 I’m not very good at putting together planters, but I do like the colour they add to our front porch.

    Now I know that I’ve been watering my containers at the wrong time – I’m switching from evening to morning! All the information about fertilizers is really helpful – my container plants must hate me, I’ve NEVER fertilized them.

    Enjoy all your plants this summer 🙂

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      Glad I could help, Kelly! For the planters, start out easy and choose all one plant – maybe all petunias, or all geraniums, and add some trailing vinca for texture. The impact of all one color will be stunning, and much easier than trying to create an entire “garden” of plants too! Once you change the watering and add a bit of fertilizer – your plants will love you again. I promise! 😉

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    We’re starting our first one next week, I’m glad to find this.

    I’m visiting today from Let’s Connect Thursday, and I’m your latest follower. 🙂