Thursday Blog Links: Mother’s Day Printables, May 10, 2012

If you didn’t get a chance to purchase a card like this one (handmade by me!), 
don’t fret. There are plenty of printables out there to save the day!

Yes, hard to believe, but Mother’s Day is fast upon us. You only have 3 solid days left to get it together. And you can do it with a little help from the following links I’ve collected for you, in this edition of Thursday Blog Links!

Mother’s Day Printables!

Yes, every Mom that I know of loves to receive a Mother’s Day card. But if you still need to purchase one, don’t go to the local store, just download one of these free printables created by some very talented craft bloggers. Your Mom deserves something special, and any of these, below, will show your Mom just how special she is!

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Mother’s Day Card for the kids to color in – from The Graphics Fairy

I’ve mentioned The Graphics Fairy before, and with good reason: she consistently has fun images and projects to share! She put together this vintage-feel Mother’s Day printable that your kids – or the kid in you – can color in. Click here to go directly to her blog and download the full-size version that she has there.

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6 small cards – from DesignLoveShare

The above printable was designed by Maria of DesignLoveShare, and is available for download here at her blog. She has some cute ideas about leaving these cards around the house for a special Mom to find. Again, this would be a cute idea to get the kids involved in helping to choose where to put these cards. Maybe make a fun weekend out of it – because what’s better than Mother’s Day? Mother’s Day Weekend!

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Mother’s Day Newspaper – from

Here’s a cute idea from – who else? – Martha! Click here to get the download and the “how to” instructions. I absolutely love the big front page “picture” that is left blank for your kids to color in. This will turn into a definite keepsake!

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A sweet printable card – from How About Orange

Another fun blog is How About Orange. Jessica, the crafty design wonder woman behind this blog, created this fun watercolor printable. Click here to be taken to her blog to download this very pretty card.

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This printable can be used as a flat card or a gift tag – from Seven Thirty Three

Kim, from the Seven Thirty Three blog, has designed the perfect printable for the Mom who inspires – which is probably 99.9% of the Moms out there, right? 🙂 Click here to head over to her blog where you can download this printable. Read through to the end of Kim’s post while you’re there, as she has a link to a fun Room Service printable that can be used for a last-minute Mother’s Day idea too!

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Under the Sea Paper Bouquet – from Crafty Modern

Felicity, from the Crafty Modern blog, designed this cute printable which the kids can color in and then add to a bouquet of flowers. I love this idea! As a gardening gal, I’d suggest you could also pick out a perennial plant for Mom’s garden (if she has one), preferably one currently in bloom,, and use that as the bouquet. This way, your bouquet can be planted in her garden, and she can be reminded of this Mother’s Day gift every year when it blooms again! Click here to get the details and download for this project.

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All About My Mom – from Yesterday on Tuesday

Malia has an awesome printable on her blog Yesterday on Tuesday – a great name for a blog, by the way! As you can see in the picture above, this is a checklist of sorts where your kids can fill in answers to fun things like, “Her favorite food is ….” and there is also space to add in a favorite photo. Do you still need to give something to your own Mom? How about having the kids help you fill out one of these for their Grandmother? A neat activity to do with your children! Get all the details and the how-to by clicking here. And Malia also has a version for Father’s Day too, for the super-organized among us. 🙂

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DIY Gift Ideas – you can whip these up in a jiffy!

And here’s a few ideas for some easy gifts that can be made for Mother’s Day. Love these sweet tutorials, and a handmade gift is truly a gift from the heart!

Bath Cream Sundae – from Measured by the Heart

Does your Mother love to take baths? A bath can be quite a soothing experience, helping to melt the day’s stresses away. (I’m not saying that you’re causing stress for your Mom . . .) Click here to visit the Measured by the Heart blog, run by Connie, and get the details and the printables. The above photo is my own collage of the photos from Connie’s page, so you can get an idea of the cute printables used at the top of this “Sundae.”

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(How to) Pocket full of Sunshine – Lavender Sachets – from The Sewing Loft

The Sewing Loft is a fun blog filled with projects for all skill levels of sewing and crafting. This project is rated for all skill levels, so you have nothing to fear! Heather, the owner and designer of the blog and the awesome projects, has come up with a sweet gift idea using napkins or handkerchiefs. Click here to not only get the details, but also to see a video tutorial she made for this project.

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Want more ideas? Visit my Mother’s Day Board on Pinterest by clicking here.

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I hope that every mother – whether you’re a Mom of children, or you’re a Mom to pets – has a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!