Thursday Blog Links: Egg Decorating, Part 2, April 5, 2012

Easter Egg Decorating Crafts Roundup

Happy Thursday! Time for today’s Thursday Blog Links!

Because last week’s Egg Decorating links were so popular, and because I found even more awesome egg decorating links since then, I present to you [cue the trumpets] . . . Egg Decorating, Part 2 

Time is of the essence here, right? I mean, there’s only really a few days left to finish your decorating for Easter. Any one of the following awesome egg decorating tutorials will have you looking like an artistic wizard in no time at all. So click through each link, decide what type of “look” you’re going for, and then get thee to a craft store to pick up whatever supplies you don’t have on hand.

Ready? Set? Go!

Tie Dye Easter Eggs from Amanda's Cookin'
How to Make Tie Dye Easter Eggs, from Amanda’s Cookin’

I know that right now, all you want to do is figure out which egg decorating DIY you’re going to attempt. So, just remember this for next week when you have more time: Spend some time checking out Amanda’s blog. Filled with recipes and crafts, Amanda knows of what she speaks…and cooks and creates! She was the craft expert for Disney’s for many years, and you may have seen her in Parents magazine or Redbook, just to name a few print mags she’s been in. Also you need (yes, need is a strong word, but trust me on this one!) to check out her other blog Crafts by Amanda. (And thank me later!) Click on the link above (below the picture) to learn how to tie dye eggs.

Easy Silhouette Easter Eggs from Rook No. 17
Easy Silhouette Easter Eggs, from Rook No. 17

Another blog to savor next week when you have more time? Rook No. 17. Jennifer’s blog is filled with creative goodness, and she has ardent fans to back that up: Last year, her fans voted her as one of’s Top Mom Craft Blogs: just by fan support she ended up in slot number 13 out of hundreds of blogs. Think about it: to have fans that are willing to spend the time voting for you because they know that others will love what you do? That’s priceless! And so is her blog, so check it out. Next week. Don’t forget. Click on the link above (below the picture) for the tutorial.

Subway Art Painted Easter Eggs from Lil' Luna
Subway Art Painted Easter Eggs, from Lil’ Luna

How adorable are these trendy subway art eggs? I say, “Very!” You know what else I’m going to say, right? Check out Kristyn’s blog – Lil’ Luna – for lots of crafty goodness. In particular, she has a great “Freebies” section of fun printables. Go there and poke around on your own. Again, you will thank me. Click on the link above (below the picture) to make your own subway art eggs.

(I’m tellin’ you: next week is going to rock for so many of you if you schedule some “you” time for yourself and enjoy these blogs.) 

Speckled and Gilded Easter Eggs from Sand and Sisal
Speckled and Gilded Easter Eggs, from Sand and Sisal

Some of you may remember the “Pea and Moss Balls” tutorial I shared in the March 22nd Thursday Blog Links. (And if not, go check it out.) This is another fabulous creation from Kim of Sand and Sisal. I love any and all shades of aqua, turquoise, and teal, so these eggs are particularly pretty to me. Click on the link above (below the picture) to learn how Kim made these eggs. (And featuring two of Kim’s projects in such a short span of time here on The Shed should tell you to seriously spend time on her blog. Next week. I know you know. But I can’t help saying it.)

Easter Egg Dying Using Fruits and Vegetables, from Dreamy Whites
Easter Egg Dyes Using Fruits and Vegetables, from Dreamy Whites

Maria’s blog – Dreamy Whites – is about french farmhouse inspired living, as her blog’s tagline says. This blog has lots of photos that are, in fact, dreamy – a good adjective for the pretty and soft photos she shares. Definite eye candy alert! Maria is a contributor to Souvenir Lifestyle magazine, and also has her own shop selling hand-sewn items, french antiques, and organic lavender products. Click on the link above (below the picture) to learn which combinations of fruits and vegetables were used to achieve such wonderful shades. And next week? You know what to do.

For even more egg decorating ideas, check out Egg Decorating Part 1 here!

Easter Egg Decorating Crafts Roundup

Have a creative weekend!

And Happy Easter too!