Funny story: I can’t stop talking about gardening.

Jade Coneflower in Fall

My parents — both 85 years young and healthier than I am — have instilled the joy of gardening in me.

Gardening is second nature to me, something I don’t even think about.


What did I just say?

Of course I think about gardening.

Apparently more than I even realize, as the following little story proves . . .

Jade Coneflower in the Fall garden

My husband and I visited a really awesome nursery last weekend, and he was big-time patient with me while we walked around and I had to look at (what seemed like) every single plant tag and touch every single plant and flower. We were easily there for about two hours and purchased some shrubs for Fall planting.

Fast forward to that same evening, and I was apparently still talking about gardening.

Because, you know, now I need to discuss where each plant will go.

And then I noticed my husband’s eyes.

They were glazed over.

He was trying so hard to appear interested, but I quickly realized he was done.

Me: I’m sorry. You’re sick of talking about plants today, right?

Him: Well, it is a bit much. <laughing> You know, I bet you can’t go five minutes without talking about gardening.

Me: Wow, it’s that bad? <His look told me that it was.> OK, I’ll stop.

<We continued doing whatever we were doing…both on our iPhones>

Me: You know, I’m wondering if planting the Manhattan Euonymus near the roses might be a bad idea, because–

Him: <with an incredulous stare> Are you serious? You lasted two seconds! You couldn’t do it!

Me: Um, uh…dammit!

We had a good laugh about it – but I was honestly amazed that sometimes I literally can’t stop talking about gardening!

Jade Coneflowers

The images above show our Jade Coneflowers in the garden.

I took these just before we got hit with the much-needed rain this week.

I love the way that Jade Coneflowers, in particular, hang on well into the Fall and still look so pretty — especially their green centers!





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    I love Coneflowers and would love to have all the colors together in one area of my yard. However, I have only come across two different colors in the nurseries around here. My questions tho…do you purchase plants on line or out of the magazines that show up in the mail every Spring/Fall? I have purchased bulbs from the magazines and they were fine but I never had any luck with anything else. If you do purchase plants from the magazines, what do you do to help these plants survive/thrive? Thank you for your time. I really enjoy following you and reading about your gardening.

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