Don’t wake a sleeping cat!

Just consider this a helpful public service announcement: don’t wake a sleeping cat!

Don't wake a sleeping cat!

Lulu is an expert in cat naps.

Even at just 12 weeks old, way back in the year 2000, Lulu demonstrated her talent for sleeping.

Don't wake a sleeping cat!

By the age of two, Lulu could snooze just about anywhere.

Lulu sleeping with toys

Toys piled inside her cat bed? Not a problem.

The top of the cat tree was also a favorite spot during her kittenhood.

Lulu sleeping on the cat tree

Fast forward to her present kitten age of 15.5 years: Lulu has perfected the tummy-up-half-twist in her sleep.

Lulu tummy up

She’s that talented.

Sometimes Lulu curls up with her stuffed monkey doll, and other times she kicks it away.

Lulu with her monkey toy

In fact, Lulu prefers to sleep without interruption.

She will get up once she’s had her beauty rest, thank you very much.

Way back in 2002, her big brother Matisse knew this:

Matisse letting Lulu sleep-9-6-2002

That’s why he would just sit nearby. He didn’t want to get bopped on the head.

When Aliza joined our family, she learned rather quickly not to disturb Lulu while she was sleeping.

Aliza letting Lulu sleep

Now we have Otto, and in a previous post I explained how Lulu feels about her new “big” little brother.

Otto knows to keep a safe distance, like when Lulu’s on the back of the couch in our Library Room.

Is Lulu Cat happy with her new "big" little brother?

Until recently.

Otto got too close.

Lulu’s reaction was priceless.

And couldn’t be captured in photos or on video.

But then I came across this video, making the rounds on social media.

I had to share it here, because these two tigers mimic exactly how Lulu reacts when she’s woken up by Otto.

Enjoy your day!




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