The Best Detangling Hair Brush Ever!

I have found the best detangling hair brush ever made! I kid you not! My hair is curly and unruly, especially if I don’t wash it every day. Brushing my hair out – let alone attempting to get a comb through it when it’s wet – has always been a pain in the head. (Get it? I crack myself up!)

The Wet Brush is the best detangling brush ever!

(I’m not being asked to review this hair brush – I just had to blog about it because you need this brush! Trust me.)

Earlier this year, I was determined to find something that I could use to prevent breaking my hair, damaging my hair, and whatever else I was no doubt doing to my hair trying to get the tangles out.

The Wet Brush

I found The Wet Brush on Amazon (my Amazon affiliate link disclosure here) when I did a simple Google search. After reading the reviews, and doing a bit more Google searches and reading up on other detangler brushes, I decided to purchase The Wet Brush.

Here is the exact one I purchased, which also comes with a handy travel size version.

The Wet Brush does everything the company promises in the Amazon listing:

  • NO Tears! NO Snags! NO Clumps! NO Tangles!
  • Super soft IntelliFlex bristles. Perfect for men, women & kids
  • For thick, curly and straight hair. Works great on wet or dry hair.
  • The Lil Squirt – Small size, Big Detangler.
  • Wet Squirts are the cutest little things! A mini version of the massively popular Wet Brush, they even fit in your pocket for detangling on the go!

(Text taken from Amazon listing here.)

My Results:

  • I can now easily brush/comb my hair out while it is wet.
  • The tangles come apart easily without pulling or hurting.
  • I’ve gone from taking almost 20 minutes to detangle my hair to just a couple of minutes!

I’ve been using The Wet Brush — and the travel size when away from home — for the past 9 months and never knew I could be in love with a hair brush. This brush has changed my world!

The Wet Brush hair brush set

Stocking Stuffer or Gift Idea!

I don’t often share bath and beauty products with you – but with Christmas coming up, if you’re looking for the best stocking stuffer or office gift or girlfriend gift – buy this brush set!

Of course – make sure that you are really good friends or co-workers before gifting this brush. You don’t want anyone to think you’re giving them a hint about their tangled hair!

Happy shopping!