Buffalo Wings with Ranch Dressing? Yes please!

The Fasted Ranch Dip Recipe Ever!

Typical phone call, placing an order with our favorite local pizza delivery . . .

Me: …and one order of the Buffalo Wings please.
Pizza delivery guy: Do you want Blue Cheese or Ranch with that?
Me: No thanks. I’ll do my own Ranch.

It’s sooooooo easy to make your own Ranch dressing! Even I – who shamelessly admits my total lack of culinary skills – can make a good Ranch! A great Ranch, in fact!

Here’s the key ingredient: a Hidden Valley Ranch Dip packet!

Hidden Valley Ranch Dip packet

It doesn’t get much easier – or tastier – than this!

Directions on the packet? “Just add sour cream.”  I told you it was easy!

Hidden Valley Ranch Dip packet directions

16 ounces of sour cream + one Hidden Valley Ranch Dip packet = awesome!

16 oz sour cream + Ranch dip packet = awesome!

And so, we enjoyed buffalo wings (my husband’s fave) with freshly made Ranch dip.

Ranch dip that I made.

And oh, it was good!

Buffalo Wings with Ranch Dressing: easily make your own Ranch!

And that’s how we do our Ranch!

You can see how my friends do their Ranch by clicking on the images at the bottom of this post. We’re each answering the question, “How do you do your ranch?” on our own blogs!

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I received a complimentary packet of Hidden Valley Ranch Dip for this fun campaign with my fellow creative bloggers. This post and my opinions are definitely my own! And I make a seriously awesome Ranch!