Our cat actually spoke to us last night!

Lulu just lounging around today... after a hard night.

First off, I apologize in advance for any grammatical errors or typos, as last night was one of our worst nights ever in the history of bad nights.

Did you ever get into a bad — just so very pitiful — situation and then you couldn’t stop laughing? Like the uncontrollable laughter with tears streaming down your face?

That’s where we ended up, not sure if it was from sleep deprivation or loss of sanity . . .

Here’s Lulu – our gorgeous Ragdoll cat – aged 13 but still thinks she’s a little kitten.

Lulu on the antique coffee table, where she's not supposed to be.

Yes, I’ve mentioned her before – she’s one of the total loves of our lives!

She’s kind of a clown and can be the life of the party:

Lulu loves a good paper bag. I cut the bottoms out for her.
Lulu as the life of the party!

Well… Lulu got sick last night. Out of both ends. And spaced hours apart.

So that just when you thought you were done cleaning everything up, and began drifting off to sleep… well, if you’re owned by at least one cat you know the familiar sounds that indicate you need to get back up because there’s cleanup in aisle 4 this time.

Lulu under the weather, and under her blankie!

So, the final time we were alerted, it was Lulu in the doorway of our bedroom, meowing and yowling loudly. But not in distress, instead it sounded more like embarrassment. It was actually funny.

And we both heard it: Lulu’s meows actually sounded like,

“Oh no. Oh no. Oh no….”  

I can’t tell you how it cracked us up, but crack us up it did.

In fact, I couldn’t stop. I began full-blown guffawing with tears streaming down my face. I could barely see straight from laughing to clean Lulu’s fluffy behind that she accidentally soiled. It was a priceless moment.

Lulu finally sleeping soundly after her horrible no good night.

So the moral of this little tale is: try to see the humor if at all possible. It really does help!

Lulu's fluffy ear - captured as she dreams her kitty dreams!

And now it’s time for another cup of strong tea!

Do your cats talk to you?




  1. says

    Oh, no! She sure is a cutie (if it’s not 2:00am and she’s not puking and other stuff). I was just cleaning up dried cat puke today that I found when I moved a dresser to clean behind it. My cat died over a year ago, so let’s juts say I don’t clean back there too often 🙂