Ready for Thanksgiving, in more ways than one…

vintage glass canning jars
These vintage jars fit right in with our Fall decorations!

Thanksgiving just came to my house. Yes, I finally put out the decorations and added some touches of Autumn.

You’re probably thinking it took me long enough! And you’re right. It has taken a few years, actually.

A Fall nutcracker decoration
We received this cute nutcracker as a gift last year. The tall pail is from Ikea.

You see, my beloved father-in-law passed away, way too soon, in January 2011. The last time he was in our home was the Saturday after Thanksgiving 2010. I wasn’t in a good space, having just had surgery a week before, though I tried to fake my way through feeling fine and enjoying Thanksgiving. But that weekend, I was very tired, and I snapped at my father-in-law. He just smiled back. He always had that motto “Keep smiling!” that he would end each phone call with…

My silver cachepot, decorated for Fall
I gave this old planter a makeover with silver liquid gilding. (Click here for the how-to.)

Because that was the last time he was ever in our home, I’ve associated Thanksgiving since then with that memory. I can see it so clearly, where I was sitting, what made me snappish… And it wasn’t the last time we were together, and so it isn’t anything overly dramatic like that.

felted indian corn decoration, hanging in the kitchen
Felted Indian Corn decoration, hanging in our kitchen.

Last year, because of the Socks for Sandy project (after Hurricane Sandy hit our town), I was – quite thankfully – way too busy to focus on Thanksgiving. I had a built-in excuse not to decorate or be into Thanksgiving. I was able to sort of ignore my underlying feelings and memories.

burnt orange hand towel
Even the guest bath got some new burnt orange hand towels for Fall!

This year? Not so lucky. I’m a craft blogger afterall. I’ve been creating Thanksgiving crafts and decorations. I was even invited to do a Thanksgiving home tour – something I still don’t remember signing up for – and almost had a panic attack when I learned I was chosen to be one of the featured bloggers. (And yes, I backed out of participating.)

glittered pumpkin trio in old silver cups
My glittered, tone-on-tone pumpkins, in old silver cups.
(Click here for the dollar store pumpkin makeover how-to.)

I’ve been thinking of just going from Halloween decorations to Christmas. Just skip Thanksgiving. Like that would work, like that would somehow make that memory go away.

turkey with forked feet!
We bought this handmade turkey six years ago, for our first Thanksgiving in our new home!

But over the weekend, as I was rummaging through the Christmas storage bins, I came upon the Thanksgiving decorations. I saw the pretty turkey that I loved with its funny feet made out of forks and all the layers of tulle. And I just stood there. And decided that it was time to decorate. For Thanksgiving.

a Thanksgiving vignette on the sofa table
A simple Thanksgiving vignette, using a vintage-style glass tray.
The mercury glass vases are from Kohl’s.

So that’s what I’ve done. It may be only two weeks away, but our home is ready for Thanksgiving. And I think I am now too.



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    I’m kind of a scrooge with Christmas cause that was “Grandma’s holiday”…Adam tried to convinced me to get a big tree for the house. We decided on a smaller version so the boys wouldn’t think we moved the potty station indoors. Some new traditions are being made so it gets easier with time. It’s good to hear your story and that your Thanksgiving decor is up! 🙂

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    Laura, Your FIL knew you just had surgery and I’m sure he knew you probably did not feel 100%. We can learn so much from our elders, even though we are supposed to be “the elder”. You keep smiling because I know that is what he would want you to do. So glad you decorated for Thanksgiving. It looks gorgeous!! Hugs, Laura S.

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    Laura, I am so sorry about your father in law. I’m sure he knew you weren’t feeling like yourself. I am so glad you got your decorations out. They look so festive! xo